DC Comics Introduces ‘Kid Quick’, a Nonbinary Character on ‘The Flash’!

The DC Universe is continuing to grow and become more inclusive in recent years than they have ever been before. Recently announced, DC Comics will be introducing The Flash series’ first-ever, nonbinary character, “Kid Quick”!

Get ready for a Very Merry Multiverse, and a new Flash!

The new character will use they/them pronouns and star as a familiar, speedy Justice League member. Moving at the speed of light, this variation of character Jess Chambers has fans thrilled.

You can catch Kid Quick in next month’s release of DC’s Very Merry Multiverse! They will be featured alongside a Teen Justice crew. Gender swapped characters such as Robin and Aquagirl are what fans have to look forward to! Written by Ivan Cohen and Eleonora Carlini, the 8-page story will be available on December 8th for purchase.

It is also reported that Kid Quick will have their own storyline in the Future State: Justice League series. This Future State series features notorious characters with fresh twists. Being coined “the future of DC Comics”, we are more than glad that this future involves more inclusivity in the comic industry. Kid Quick is set to become The Flash in this series, an absolute must-read for fans. This series will be coming to you in 2021, so be on the lookout!

Kid Quick is adding to the increasing number of nonbinary DC supers in recent years, with genderfluid Lee Serano and Doctor Endless debuting in 2017. There is still work to be done when it comes to inclusivity and representation in the comic industry, so we’re looking forward to seeing what the Future State has in store for DC.

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