Date Ideas For Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson!

Ever since Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s SNL skit, the two have been seen hanging out sparking dating rumors. In case the rumors are true, here are some date ideas for the potential couple!

Abby Wu

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Posted On: November 10th, 2021 10:14 pm pst

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Date 1:

We all know Kim Kardashian’s love for the show Bridgerton, how cool would it be if Pete and Kim went on a Bridgerton themed date and joined the cast of season two one day on set? Since Pete has an acting background it would be pretty cool for Kim to see what it’s like on the set of her favorite T.V. show. Not only that but they could get into costume and do a whole dinner which would be super romantic and definitely get great pictures for the gram!

Date 2:

Kim and Pete fly to Paris to get Kim’s favorite dessert, beignets. Her love of the desert started in New Orleans but we all know that some of the world’s best beignets are in Paris. This not only gives them the chance to dine and go out in the city of love but also get to explore the city together as well. They could also do wine and food tours and go to the outskirts of France for a romantic getaway. How sweet can this trip get???

Date 3:

Since their trip to Knotts Berry Farm, people have been wanting to see them do things that are more fun and lighthearted, and what’s a better place than Disneyland for a cute date? We loved seeing that picture of Kim and Pete holding hands as they brace for the rollercoaster drop which let us see a side of Kim that we haven’t seen in a while. A lot of fans like the fact that Pete is bringing out the carefree and fun side of Kim that hasn’t really been shown these past couple of years. They could even make it a group date with Kourtney and Travis as well as their other friends and family.

Date 4:

Pete can take Kim on a New York Pizza tour since he is originally from Staten Island, he is definitely no stranger to the good food in that area. They could do a whole day where they drive around the city and get all the best pizzas that the city has to offer and film a youtube video or shoot content from their date! It would be really entertaining to watch since we don’t have a lot of content with Kim Kardashian on the East Coast. And since Pete is a comedian, the whole date would be really entertaining for them but also fun for fans to watch as well.

Date 5:

We all know that Kim loves to vacation by the beach, another cute date idea for the two could be a nice dinner set up on an island somewhere where they can have a private romantic time. Since both are always in the limelight it would be nice for them to have some sort of secret getaway and isolate themselves from everything happening back home. It would be a great weekend getaway or day trip but it is definitely one that they should consider because it will give them more alone time away from all the paparazzi.

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