‘Dancing with the Stars’ Queen Night Superlatives!

The show must go on! Dancing with the Stars rocked us with Queen Night, Here are our superlatives for this week’s dances, costumes, and more!

**Elimination Spoilers**

Dancing with the Stars is doubling down on artist-themed episodes this season! This week’s theme was Queen, with some intense performances from the remaining couples, as well as a Dance Relay competition for bonus points. The Relay portion was nothing too exciting, with Olivia Jade earning 4 bonus points for her Foxtrot and Iman and Cody each earning 2 for their Jives. Suni and Amanda earned 1 point each for their Viennese Waltzes, while Melora earned 2 for the same dance.

This week’s elimination was honestly the toughest of the season, and we can’t say we agree with the final cut. WWE star The Miz and his partner Witney Carson were sent home after being in the bottom against pop star JoJo Siwa and former Rockette Amanda Kloots. The Miz has been one of the best male dancers of the season, and watching him leave the competition this soon felt entirely wrong in our eyes! All four judges chose to save JoJo over The Miz, sending him home on Week 7.

Despite a tragic end to the night, the dances were still quite entertaining. Here are our superlatives for “Queen Night” on Dancing with the Stars!

Best Choreography: Amanda Kloots & Alan Bersten

This choreography was performed so well it’s hard for it to not be the best dance of the night! Amanda Kloots will nail any footwork you give her and this week was no exception. The couple danced a Jive to “Don’t Stop Me Now” and kicked the night off with a powerful performance. It’s hard not to put Amanda in every category because she nails every possible aspect of this show on the head. What a great routine from this couple yet again!

Most Fun to Watch: Olivia Jade & Val Chmerkovskiy

“Fat Bottomed Girls” is not what we expected to see Olivia Jade dancing to this week, but we are so glad she did! This dance was just the right amount of fun mixed with Quickstep elements to create a great performance. Olivia and Val tend to be the king and queen of adding personality to their dances, always throwing in a facial expression or small moves to make it that much more enjoyable. This team is absolutely making it to the finals!

Most Impressive: Suni Lee & Sasha Farber

They sure did rock us! Despite running off stage due to illness, Suni Lee rocked this performance in a way we haven’t seen before. The Olympian really nailed these moves with aggression and passion, making it one of our new favorite Paso Dobles! Suni has been an incredible performer all season, but one thing we often seem to be looking for from her is emotion and passion in the dance. This performance really gave that to us, and despite her sickness, she came and killed it.

Best Costumes: JoJo Siwa & Jenna Johnson

These costumes, my oh my! JoJo and Jenna danced a Tango to “Body Language” and gave us one of the best performances of the night. The routine itself was enjoyable to watch but paired with the set design and costumes, the entire performance flowed together perfectly. Where can we get one of these neon glittery bodysuits? Asking for a friend!

Best Dance of the Night: Iman Shumpert & Daniella Karagach

Well, look who’s back in this category! Iman’s Paso Doble to “Another One Bites The Dust” was one of his best performances. Nothing is better than watching this man do upbeat dances, because the slow ballroom styles did not do it for us. Daniella and Iman make a great team when it comes to choreography like this because not only can he toss her around so easily, he also looks great doing footwork by her side. This routine complemented Iman’s strengths and gave us a great overall performance.

“Queen Night” sure was fun, despite a pretty tough goodbye and some illnesses! Moving on to next week, did someone say Janet Jackson?

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