Characters We Want To See Come Back On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’!

There are so many characters that we came to love over Grey’s Anatomy’s many seasons, and definitely, some left the show too soon. Here are a couple of characters that we would love to catch up with and see where they’re at now. 

We have so many characters that we have grown to love and were devastated to see leave. What do we think could happen if some of them came back again? What characters do you believe would be best to make another appearance? Would it stir up some drama? Would it cause problems with other relationships? 

Alex Karev

Sooo… quick recap– Alex Karev was one of our most beloved characters on the show ever since season 1. He was tough to love at first, but we watched him grow and better himself, and we watched him open up to different possibilities. In season 16, Karev left his life in Seattle and moved to Kansas to be with his ex Izzie Stevens once he realized she was raising his children. Lots of fans were upset over Karev leaving the show, and leaving Jo after everything they have been through– we do understand he wanted to be there for his children, but just up and leaving his wife one day? Jo deserved so much more than that. 

We want to see Karev come back and we want to know what his character has been up to over the past few seasons– to meet his children, and reconnect with Merideth again. We wonder what might happen if he comes back and sees Jo again. What will their interactions be like? Will Izzie come back with him? Maybe Izzie will even reconnect with some former co-workers and people she knew during her time in Seattle.

Christina Yang

Cristina Yang as we all know is Merideth Grey’s absolute best friend, her other half, her person. When Cristina left, we were the most upset about how we would no longer get any of their iconic duo moments. A catch-up on Cristina’s life would be interesting. As we remember, in season 10 Yang left Seattle, and her best friend Merideth, for a cardiothoracic job in Switzerland. How is this job going for her? Is she still there? Cardiothoracic surgery was Cristina’s passion, and after she took the job of Director of Cardiothoracic in Switzerland from her ex-fiance Preston Burke who was moving to Italy; what big things do we think she has achieved in her career since then? We wonder, what is her love life like? Has she and Merideth kept in touch? Does she keep in touch with Alex Karev? Who knows? We are all just itching to know. 

There are so many other characters that we want to get to return to the show and continue their plotlines rather than just being a memory. Let’s try to get the crew to put these few characters back on before we get too caught up in talking about all of the amazing characters we want to see again!

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