Character Predictions for Season 2 of ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’!

Get ready to return to Essex College for another trimester! Comedy’s four favorite girls are back with season two of The Sex Lives of College Girls on November 17, and we have some character predictions for their future — both personal and academic lives and their romantic endeavors.

HBO Max’s breakout comedy hit The Sex Lives of College Girls returns for season two exactly a year after its initial premiere on Nov. 17. Episodes will release two at a time every Wednesday, picking up right where season one left off with everyone’s favorite four main girls Leighton (Renee Rapp), Whitney (Alyah Chanelle Scott), Kimberly (Pauline Chalamet), and Bela (Amrit Kaur) returning from Thanksgiving break. The whole main and supporting cast will be returning, with the exception of Gavin Leatherwood, who plays Nico, Kimberly’s love interest and Leighton’s brother. The trailer and updated news have been a long time coming, so the recent drop has fans eager to return to Essex College. Here are some predictions for the rest of the characters’ semester!


At the end of season one, we left off with Leighton dazed by her breakup with Alicia (Midori Francis). Heartbroken, the first close person she officially came out to was Kimberly. Over the first 10 episodes, she is humbled by the expectations of perfection she has come to know from her life. Now, the question for season two is whether she’ll embrace coming out on a wider scale, just to her other two roommates, or if she won’t say anything at all, at least not right away. It would be interesting to see Kimberly and her trying to keep a secret, and it feels plausible that she would clumsily let it spill on accident. We’d also expect to see more of Leighton and Alicia together in some type of reconciliation because whatever the direction of their relationship goes, their story feels far from finished. Even showrunner and co-creator Justin Noble said Alicia is one of his favorite characters and believes the chemistry between the two actresses is too great to pass up. Maybe the pair will find their way back to each other over the course of the season, but by the looks of the trailer, it seems like Leighton will be having fun and experiencing hookups with a whole lot of different people.


Whitney’s love life was messy in season one, but with her coming clean to her senator mom about the relationship she had with her soccer coach Dalton (James Morosini), there’s hope she can find something healthier. And what perfect person for her other than Canaan (Chris Meyer), who we hope will further pursue their bubbling romance they left us off with. Justin Noble also thinks highly of the couple and the actors’ chemistry, as well as Scott, who wants more of him in season two herself. Though the titular sex lives of these characters are going to remain in focus, the actress also wants to see Whitney come into herself more, exploring and expressing who she is as an individual. This will especially come into play when her soccer season ends, and we hope this comes true so the character gets more life of her own that doesn’t heavily revolve around a man (especially the creepy coach). Plus, people want to see more of Whitney’s friendship with the other soccer players.


Kimberly may have avoided being expelled for her cheating scandal, but she lost her scholarship, and on top of that, she lost Nico after discovering he has a secret girlfriend. While that at least gave the pair a somewhat conclusive ending before the actor announced he was leaving the show, season two surely has to address the aftermath and where Nico has gone off to. Now that Kimberly has come into herself more while being at college and is comfortable with the idea of having a relationship, there may be some quick flings she has here and there, but nothing too serious. It’s expected to be placed on the back burner while she focuses on finding the money to make up for her scholarship and stay at Essex. That’s sure to keep her mind busy, and the exploration of money issues will be another realistic aspect the show depicts of college students. The character will also have to face Nico’s fraternity, who won’t be very happy after they find out she exposed them by handing over their stashed tests during her academic hearing. This could tie into the reason they use for writing Nico’s character out as well. It’ll be interesting to see how the other girls try to help her and if they’ll be accepted by the frats going forward.


After a sexual assault incident, Bela left The Catullan comedy writing group with prospects of starting an all-female troupe, which she already seemed to have followers for. This is sure to be a major plotline for the upcoming season, and hopefully a successful mission for the character as Justin Noble claims “better things are on the horizon” for her. Nevertheless, she’s bound to meet some criticism and face new challenges as a new student organization leader in competition with her old comedy group. There were also hints of a budding romance between Bela and fellow Catullan member Eric, which we are sure to see more of. With expected tensions between both comedy troupes, people will want to see how they navigate around that with seeing each other. Also, after testing the waters and not settling for one man the whole season, she’ll have to do some self-reflection to see if she’s ready to commit to an exclusive relationship with Eric. The fans want to see this opposite-attract couple flourish, as well as Bela’s friendships with the other female comedians from The Catullan.

Of course, the biggest want for season two is to see how the friendships between the four main girls develop further, and what character arcs they’ll endure together. What are you most excited to see in season 2 of The Sex Lives of College Girls? Tweet us @AfterBuzzTV!

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