Challenge Vet Marlon Williams Weighs In On Episode 2 Of ‘The Challenge: Double Agents’

Real World alum and Challenge vet Marlon Williams weighs in on Fessy’s decision to not go into elimination and why C.T. ‘s new partnership with Big T will work to his advantage. 

It’s getting intense for some of your faves on The Challenge: Double Agents, and I’m here for it!

During episode 2, we saw a rookie get eliminated, and certain teams switched up.

Challenge vet Marlon Williams joined Benny Adams on Challenge Reality News to talk about the insane episode.

“I think this is going to be one of the best Challenges in a long time. These rookies are on a whole other level. I feel like a lot of the stuff is happening more naturally. The mesh between the cast members is perfect. There’s enough drama, no ones walking around scared. I’m super hyped for this to be the second episode, and things are going in a very good direction.” Said Williams.

The rookies this season definitely came to play, especially when it came to Joseph Allen. The newcomer wanted to make a statement, and he did so by calling out OG Wes Bergmann to go into elimination.

Unfortunately for Allen, his plan to send Wes in did not work, and he was voted into elimination against Kyle, where he ultimately lost and was sent home.

“I think what Joseph did was smart. If he knew he was already going to go into elimination, at least try to go in with a bang. I think that he missed the mark when Natalie and Wes were going at him in the deliberation. He should have turned and put the spotlight on Fessy. If he would have put the spotlight on Fessy and said look, put them in there, you get no blood on your hands, I’ll go in there, and everybody is safe for another week. Then if everybody would have flipped their vote, Fessy would either have to go down or throw someone else in, and they would have known his true colors.” Said Williams.

Fessy is arguably one of the toughest competitors this season, winning his second Challenge along with his partner Aneesa.

Some viewers were left confused as to why Fessy didn’t throw himself into elimination since it was physical, with even Kyle calling him out on his decision not to go in.

“There was no contraption; there was nothing to climb on; there were no ropes. There was just a circle and dirt. You have to know it’s physical. The Challenge doesn’t go small when it’s something else; it’s going to be a big spectacle.”

Now that Joseph is gone, three teams have now been switched up. Since Kyle won the elimination, he chose to leave Nany and go with Kam, Josh is now partnered with Nany, and Big T is with the biggest O.G. in the house, C.T.

“Everyone in the house genuinely likes Big T and genuinely wants Big T to do well. Being paired with America’s favorite gives you such a big political game…. The majority of the women in the house want Big T to do well, and I think C.T. is going to be sitting back chilling and will probably coast for a good 2 to 3 weeks because of this.” said Marlon.

Only time will tell which pairs will make it to the final, but when it comes to Marlon going back to do another Challenge, he says he’s all in.

“I tell people all the time I’m always open to do a challenge; they just have to make the call. Maybe they call, maybe they don’t. If they did, I would definitely go.”

Outside of reality TV, Marlon is keeping busy with a couple of side projects, including music, which he performs under the name Black Zeus.

“I’ve been doing some music, definitely plan on being more active in 2021 with my music, and putting out more songs, maybe putting out a full EP. I’m also working on a clothing line; I’m starting slow, nothing too crazy. I’m getting the passion back for some of the things I’ve tried in the past.”

For the full interview, make sure to check out Challenge Reality News with Benny Adams.

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