Celebrity Reactions to ‘Evermore’

Six Celebrities who loved Evermore just as much as the fans.

Evermore has officially been out for a couple of days, and fans are already going wild looking for clues and messages within the fifteen songs. Released nearly five months after Swift’s eighth studio album Folklore, Evermore goes even further into the stripped down, lyrics driven approach. Longtime fans of Taylor are usually used to at least a year long cycle between albums and that every album must be different from the last. Evermore confirms that Taylor will be staying within the woods for a little longer as whispers of a tenth album on the way begin to rise.

As we take in every detail of Evermore, we have to remember we aren’t the only ones losing ourselves in the hype. Everyone from Taylor’s collaborators to distant connections expressed support for the songwriter on social media. Here are six celebrity reactions to Evermore.


Pop-rock band HAIM found themselves taking one of the three featured spots on Evermore. The sisters joined Swift on “No Body, No Crime,” which is already shaping up to be a fan favorite song. It tells the tale of Este (based on Este Haim) who discovers her husband is having an affair. When Este mysteriously disappears, it is left up to the remaining women to get justice for their friend.

HAIM celebrated the release of the album and their part in it with a Tik Tok video. The sisters sit together at a table filled with Hanukkah decorations and light their menorah as “No Body, No Crime” plays in the background. To top it all off, the band was enjoying some Olive Garden, a restaurant chain that was explicitly mentioned in the song because of Este’s love for it.

Our dream of singing on a COUNTRY FOLK SONG with the one and only queen of storytelling, miss TAYLOR SWIFT is our second Hanukkah present to you!

♬ original sound – haimtheband

Todrick Hall

Swift not only got support from her collaborators but also from her closest friends. Rapper, dancer, and Youtube legend Todrick Hall went to Twitter to share his excitement for the album.

The pair have been close since 2015, with many saying it was Todrick who was instrumental in Swift’s growing desire to advocate for LBGTQ+ rights and Black Lives Matter. Todrick also appeared as a backup dancer in Taylor’s “Look What you Made me Do” video. Although Hall doesn’t know his friend’s future album plans, he made it clear that he has no problem listening to more.

Hayley Williams

Paramore frontwoman and rock icon Hayley Williams couldn’t resist heaping praise on Evermore. Williams affirmed that Evermore might just be her new favorite Swift album and added that, at this point, Taylor’s career speaks for itself.

In a move that would make anyone’s heart melt, Swift responded to the Tweet by saying it made her day. This sent fans of both artists into a tizzy, as many wanted to see a collaboration between the two. What we both know is that these are two juggernauts of the music industry, and we’re not sure we’d survive a collaboration.

Hayley, however, is totally game for it. Right after the exchange, she retweeted a tongue in cheek joke about the whole thing. Although fans are already noting how nice of a ring the tweet has. The duo has been friends since early 2011 when Taylor Swift brought Hayley on stage with her in Nashville to sing a duet. Later on, Hayley appeared as The Crimson Curse in the highly exclusive Bad Blood music video. Anything we see in the future from these friends is bound to be of high quality.

Reese Witherspoon

Everyone’s other favorite blonde, Reese Witherspoon, got on Twitter to express her love for Evermore. Taylor has been a longtime pal of Reese, frequently showing up to her birthday or other occasions. Reese tweeted that she planned to spend her entire Friday listening to the album.

Some fans noted the similarities between the song “No Body, No Crime” and Witherspoon’s character on the popular HBO drama Big Little Lies. However, Big Little Lies concluded after two seasons about a year ago, but some are suggesting the show come back for the sole purpose of incorporating the song.

Dylan Minnette

Wallows frontman and 13 Reasons Why star Dylan Minnette joined in on the hype when Taylor Swift made the surprise Evermore announcement on December 10th. Minnette is pals with one of Taylor’s closest friends Selena Gomez as she was one of the producers of 13 Reasons Why. With any luck, we might see Wallows featured on a Taylor Swift album someday.

Kiernan Shipka

One of the biggest celebrity Swifties is Sabrina the Teen Witch herself, Kiernan Shipka, had a big reaction to this Taylor-filled week. The star rarely uses Twitter, except when a new album cycle from Swift is announced. Back in July, Shipka came to Twitter to post a brief but an emotional reaction to the release of Folklore.

Upon listening to the album, she shared her thoughts in a series of emojis, to which we can only say… Same here girl.

Keeping in line with her previous reactions, Kiernan Shipka came to Twitter once again for the premiere of Evermore. Again, keeping it simple …

Have you listened to Evermore? If so, what’s your favorite track, and do you think T.S. ten is on the way?

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