Celebrity Reactions to Britney Spears’ Memoir: ‘The Woman In Me’!

Pop-star Brtiney Spears released her Memoir, The Woman in Me. It not only garnered attention from fans but also from other celebrities. Let’s see what they had to say!

At 41 years old, award-winning pop star Britney Spears has done it again! She made history after her memoir, The Woman in Me, earned a No.1 place on Amazon’s most-read non-fiction books. Billboard Music reported that the “Gimme More” singer declared her book the “highest-selling celebrity memoir in history.” In July, she announced the book’s release date on October 24th, with the words “My story. On my terms. At last.”


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The 300-page book narrated by actress Michelle Williams illustrates the “Toxic” singer’s early rise to fame, her 13-year conservatorship, and her many diverse relationships with celebrities. Some of the names mentioned in the book have shared their reaction, and other celebrities have shared their support for the superstar.

Justin Timberlake

Pop singer Justin Timberlake consumes a large portion of Britney’s memoir. The two stars dated for three years, though they had known each other as kids on Disney Channel’s The All New Mickey Mouse Club. They sang and danced on the show among other notable stars like Ryan Gosling and Christina Aguilera.

However, Britney fans had a strong reaction regarding the intimate details of their relationship, including Timberlake’s infidelity and her abortion. The former NSYNC member has turned off all his Instagram notifications. A source tells US Weekly that he is distancing himself from the book, focusing on his family and career. Timberlake’s wife, actress Jessica Biel, commented on the matter, saying that while she “feels bad for Britney,” it’s difficult watching her husband get trolled by her fans on social media, “Justin’s learned from his mistakes and deserves to live in peace.”

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While Timberlake hasn’t directly commented on the matter, a source tells Us Weekly that he believed the details of their relationship would not go deeper than their general “ups and downs.” The source says he was “disappointed she went this route decades after they split.” An insider from Entertainment Tonight claims that the “Cry Me A River” singer will always support Britney and has apologized for his actions in 2021 with the release of her documentary, Framing Brtiney Spears. He even tweeted #FreeBritney during the movement with her conservatorship. While he mentions he regrets hurting Spears, he still believes that “Britney has every right to tell her story and hopes they can move on now.”

Christina Aguilera

The “Beautiful” pop star Christina Aguilera briefly commented on the memoir a week before its release on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The host asked Aguilera if she knew about her role in the book. The two have a long history, also starring in The All New Mickey Mouse Club House as kids. Aguilera says that she is unsure whether she is included in the book. When Kimmel asked if she hoped to be in the book, she laughed and said, “I’m hoping everything is good with her and everything is beautiful.”

Aguilera also spoke on Spears’ conservatorship on the Enrique Santos Show, showing her support by saying, “Every woman deserves to feel empowered and to own that for themselves, however they see fit.”

J Balvin

The “Prince of Reggaeton,” J Balvin, revealed his close relationship with the “Princess of Pop.” A day after Spears released The Woman in Me, the Latin pop star expressed his support for TMZ.

“I am really proud of her. I think she is amazing; she deserves the best… I think she is a woman we have to have a lot of love and respect for.”

He further expressed Spears’ significant influence on the music industry and believes we need to hear more of her music. Balvin believes in Spears’ strength and capability to deflect critics’ remarks because she “already has a shield.”

Spears recently went out for drinks with Balvin and Colombian singer, Maluma in New York. Maluma even posted their outing on his Instagram, captioning the post with “Who else is like me in love?”


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Paris Hilton

Spears’ long-lasting friendship with Paris Hilton is stronger than ever and is also highlighted in the book. Nine days before the book’s release, Hilton told People Magazine that she is proud of her friend for telling her story, saying it could be inspiring for others going through similar situations to “feel less alone.”

The socialite tells Extra she hopes Spears’ writing process was “extremely healing” as it was for her when writing her memoir, Paris: The Memoir. While she describes her process as cathartic, it can be challenging to relive traumatic memories: “I know how hard it can be doing a memoir because you have to really dive in and think about so many moments in your life that I’m sure you don’t even want to think about.”

The two spent the early days of their respective careers partying alongside actress Lindsey Lohan. According to the New York Times, Spears debunked the media’s portrayal of her as an alcoholic in her memoir. She said her time with Hilton and Lohan was “never as wild as the press made it out to be.”



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Hilton was the singer’s rock throughout the years. In 2020, Hilton supported the pop star as one of the dominating figures pushing the “Free Britney movement.” During the conservatorship court order, Hilton advocated for the star’s independence on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, saying, “She’s this icon, and I just feel like she has no control of her life whatsoever, and I just don’t think that’s fair.”

Jada Pinkett

According to actress Jada Pinket, Spears has now joined the “Badass Women Memoir Club.”

Pinkett also recently released her memoir Worthy and celebrated Spears’ release of The Woman in Me on Instagram. Pinkett revisits their fond memories together, posting a video from when they toured in 2004.

Pinkett opened for Spears during her Onyx Hotel Tour with her nu-metal band Wicked Wisdom. She captioned the post, tagging the singer.

“@britneyspears welcomed me to open for her on the Onyx tour with my band Wicked Wisdom with open arms. She was so sweet and supportive. Who knew we would be back on a different stage, sharing our journeys on the page. I can’t WAIT to read your book, Britney, and I’m sending you love on your pub day.”

Sam Ashghari

Model and actor Sam Ashghari also expresses support for his ex-wife’s achievements. He says that he is “freaking proud” of her for sharing her story and hopes she “takes over the world.” Even though Ashghari filed for divorce this summer after a year of marriage, Spears speaks highly of him in her book.

She calls him a “gift from god,” to which Ashghari tells TMZ made him smile.

Michelle Williams’ Viral Narration

The narrator, Golden-globe winner Michelle Williams is gaining praise from Britney fans, calling her reading Grammy-worthy. Clips of the reading are even going viral, especially her Justin Timberlake impersonation. E! News reports that Williams’ commented on her involvement saying, “I stand with Britney.”

Britney’s Reaction

Even through all the support, Spears still had her critics. But she confronts them with an Instagram post saying that writing the book gave her a sense of closure and she didn’t mean to offend anyone. The book gave her a clean slate, where her new future awaits!


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