Celebrity Children React To Their Parents’ Work!

Have you ever wondered what a celebrity child thinks of their parents’ work? Here are a few reactions from the children of the stars of your favorite TV shows and films!

As fans, we assume being the child of someone who starred in our favorite TV show or movie must be the coolest thing ever. While this may be what we assume, that’s not exactly the case. Here are some funny reactions from celebrities’ children to their parents’ work!

Lisa Kudrow

While starring on the Jimmy Kimmel Show back in 2014, Kudrow was asked about whether her son happened to be a fan of the hit show Friends. Much to fans’ surprise, Kudrow explained how her son is surprisingly not interested in watching her show. Crazy to think he wouldn’t want to watch one of the most iconic shows ever created!

Adam Sandler

Having one of Hollywood’s most talented comedic actors as your father would surely make any child curious what exactly is so funny about their movies. Sandler discussed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show back in 2017 that his children wanted to finally understand the references fans make when they see him in public. Although they appear excited about this, Sandler admits that after about 20 minutes of one of his movies, his children are afraid to ask to turn it off.

Tina Fey

Tina Fey’s daughter has quite the range when it comes to shows she has watched according to Fey in an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Fey’s daughter needed a new show recommendation after binge-watching The Office, so Fey recommended her hit show 30 Rock. After trying out a few episodes, Fey’s daughter admitted that it was too weird for her, and Fey’s reaction is priceless in this interview!

Channing Tatum

While talking to Jimmy Kimmel on his show, Tatum talks about showing his daughter his movie Step Up for the first time. Thinking it would be a cool movie to watch considering it’s where her parents met, she actually couldn’t be less interested. She asked her father to put on a ‘good movie’ instead which clearly hurt his feelings based on his reaction in the interview.

Matt LeBlanc

The daughter of the one and only Joey Tribbiani “couldn’t care less” about watching her father’s infamous show! When guest starring on The Ellen DeGenerous Show LeBlanc talked about how his teenage daughter is not interested in watching Friends, even though all her friends are watching it. Even though the rest of the world loves Joey Tribbiani, it’s funny to see his daughter have zero desire to get into the show.

For some reason, it’s always shocking to find out that celebrities’ children don’t actually enjoy their work as much as we assume. Regardless, their reactions are priceless and extremely entertaining to watch!

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