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AFTERBUZZ TV – Celebrity Apprentice edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice. In this show, hosts Kristen Carney and Grant Rutter break down the episode “The Wolf In Charge of the Hen House” in which Season 13 opens with 14 returning celebrities tasked to sell meatballs in a charity competition, but there are beefs due to a power struggle and an unorthodox approach to the mission. Stars include Trace Adkins, Stephen Baldwin and Gary Busey. At the beginning of the show, Trump called out Bret Michaels and Trace Adkins, as the two most previously successful candidates from the line-up, and had them choose the teams, with Bret forming what would eventually become Power, and Trace picking the candidates who would form Plan B. On Plan B, Stephen Baldwin initially volunteered to be project manager, but quickly ceded the position to Trace after he revealed some of his particularly rich contacts, while on Power, Bret and Brande Roderick both argued for some time over which of the two should be project manager, eventually leading to Brande literally getting down on her knees and begging to be the project manager. Other past Celebrity Apprentice candidates such as Niki Taylor and Paul Teutul, Sr. showed up to give donations to the two teams. John Rich, while not appearing himself, also gave a substantial donation to Power by way of La Toya Jackson. There was a strong argument between Piers Morgan and Omarosa in the initial boardroom, continuing the feud that had started in the first Celebrity Apprentice season. Virtually every member of Power stepped up to defend Omarosa however, with Dennis Rodman and Claudia Jordan in particular speaking strongly in her favor. Prior to the task result being announced, Stephen Baldwin openly admitted that he had held out on his contacts and brought in no money whatsoever. Trump, Ivanka and Piers were stunned by this admission, and Trump indicated that if Plan B had lost, Stephen would have been fired. Despite being an allstars edition Bret Michaels was the only previous winner on the show. Trump pointed out several times during the episode, including at the final boardroom verdict, that he actualy wanted Bret to be a judge on the series along with the other past winners instead of competing again. Bret Michaels responded by saying that he couldn’t raise money for charity if he was a judge. After Bret Michaels was fired, Trump strongly criticised Brande Roderick’s lack of control over the team, lack of knowledge of what was brought in (which she delegated to Omarosa), and the fact that she brought back La Toya Jackson instead of Omarosa, adding that the only reason she avoided dismissal was his policy of never firing whoever makes the most money in a given task.It’s Celebrity Apprentice’s “The Wolf In Charge of the Hen House” podcast!

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