Celebrities Who Live Up To Their Aries Sign!

Find out which of your favorite celebrities, like Emma Watson and Mariah Carey, have birthdays during peak Aries season!

Aries season is finally upon us, and we are just as excited for the springtime birthday season as our favorite celebs are! Aries are known for their leadership, determination, and high energy. Each of these celeb moments truly embody what it means to be an Aries. Fire signs sure are feisty and have what it takes to make a difference in the world! Keep scrolling to find out which of your adored superstars totally prove their zodiac sign right.

Reese Witherspoon – March 22nd

This quirky Witherspoon TikTok is a classic Aries move for so many reasons! The song choice, the red outfit, the confidence, all of it screams Aries season! Known for their bold and self-assured personalities, Aries aren’t afraid to be themselves.

@reesewitherspoonWhen the holiday cheer hits just right 🌲✨🍸

♬ Get Into It (Yuh) – Doja Cat

Chaka Khan – March 23rd

This fierce and talented artist has Aries written all over her! The power she has in this performance of one of her most famous songs, “Aint Nobody” is incredible. The way she ignites the crowd and hits all the hardest notes is a testament to the resilient personality that Aries have. To prove even more how powerful aries are, Khan got this song to reach Number 1 on the US Billboard R&B chart.

Sarah Jessica Parker – March 25th

Believe it or not our very own Carrie Bradshaw, well, really Sarah Jessica Parker, is part of the Aries club! Parker represents all of Aries’ qualities. She’s smart, assertive, and supportive. She’s given her all to the role of Carrie Bradshaw, and she’s remained stronger than ever with her girl gang along the way!


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Mariah Carey – March 27th

Aries want nothing but joy and happiness for everyone. They tend to see the best in situations and positively impact those around them. Carey’s notable “All I Want For Christmas” is the perfect example of how Aries leave lasting impressions on everyone around them. Although it was released in 1994, the hit holiday jam has climbed the Hot 100’s top 10 list several times over the years.

Chloé Zhao – March 31th

The moment Zhao won an Oscar for Best Director, and as the first woman of color to receive the award, was a win for far beyond the Aries of the world. Her ambition, commitment, and fearlessness led her to that award, and her Aries energy didn’t hurt the process! Her acceptance speech was filled with passionate words, inspiring everyone to follow their dreams.

Pharrell Williams – April 6th

Pharrell took identifying as an aries to a whole other level. He collabed with Mike WiLL Made-It to create a song called “Aries (YuGo).” It’s a classic Aries move to take pride in your sign and to share that excitement with the rest of the world. The song is pretty catchy too!

Skai Jackson – April 8th

Jackson’s no stranger to dominating the Twitter game! She leaves messages all day about sending good energy to everyone. A classic Aries trait, having bursts of enthusiasm and optimism throughout the day.

The actress likes to give people advice too. Tweets like this one perfectly sum up a gen-z Aries. The fire sign can’t help but let their leadership skills take over.

Jamie Chung – April 10th

It’s no secret that any Aries will boldly stand up for their beliefs, and Chung is the perfect example of an Aries in action. She wore a purse that read, stop Asian hate, at the 2021 SAG awards to send an important message. Any chance an Aries can get to use their voice for good, they will!


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Emma Watson – April 15th

Watson represents Aries signs perfectly due to her innate ability to lead others, Her drive for equality and justice marks the sign of a natural born Aries. Her speech on feminism at the UN in 2014 captured the essence of a true Aries.

Kourtney Kardashian – April 18th

This Kardashian isn’t afraid to let her aggressive Aries side bring the heat every once and a while. Well, more like all the time. We can’t get enough of Kourtney’s hilarious one liners. Her most honest Aries moment has to be the iconic line on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, “Kim, there’s people that are dying” after Kim Kardashian lost her 75 thousand dollar earring at the bottom of the ocean. Typical Aries, always looking at the bigger picture of the world around them.

For more of Kourtney’s savage come back moments, watch below!

If you know an Aries, consider yourself lucky because you’ll have a never ending support system. Whether they’re giving you advice, hugs, or driving you crazy with their abundance of energy, Aries will stick by your side no matter what!

Happy Aries season to all you Aries out there!

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