Celebrate Valentine’s Day Like Your Favorite Movie Character!

It can be hard to figure out the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day. Luckily we have compiled a list of films that have some great inspiration! 

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and if you’re not celebrating with someone special, you can still treat yourself to a fun day. Celebrate with your friends and spend your day just like your favorite rom-com characters from films like Pretty Woman (1990), Someone Great (2019), and more!

Go On a Shopping Spree

Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day by taking yourself shopping. There’s nothing more exciting than spending a day in the city going store to store looking for the perfect outfit. In Pretty Woman (1990), Vivian spends her time in a high-end boutique trying on different clothes to see what she likes best. For Valentine’s Day, take inspiration from Vivian and dress to impress yourself!

Get Your Nails Done

Just like Elle in Legally Blonde (2001), getting your nails and gossiping with your nail technician can be a refreshing way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Look through Pinterest for the cutest Valentine’s Day nail designs, put on your best outfit, and go down to your nearest nail salon. You can even practice your “bend and snap” just like Elle did!

Go Out With Your Friends

If you’re not dating anyone or recently went through a breakup, you can still have fun by going for a night out with friends! In Someone Great (2019), Jenny, who is going through a breakup, decides to get last-minute tickets for a music festival. She and her friends are shown dancing and singing while getting ready for the festival, with music blasting in the background. Even if you don’t have tickets to a festival, who’s to say you can’t live your life like Jenny and have a girl’s night out dancing with friends?

Get a Makeover

Spend your day like Cher in Clueless (1995) by giving yourself or your friend a makeover. Whether you want to meet up with your friends or go to the mall by yourself, a makeover is a perfect way to have fun on Valentine’s Day. Letting your friend pick an outfit, a hairdo, and your next manicure is a great way to switch up your look and leave you feeling like a brand new person. Bonus points if you gain outfit inspiration from Cher and her friends, Tai and Dionne!

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