Bridgit Mendler Teases Musical Comeback: Looking Back At The Star’s Career

As Bridgit Mendler teases new music on her Twitter Sunday morning, we’re taking a look back at the star’s impactful career.

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Posted On: April 18th, 2021 8:08 pm pst

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Bridgit Mendler shocked fans Sunday morning as she announced she’s releasing new music after four years. In a series of two clips on Twitter, she posted snippets of a song with no caption. To celebrate her return to the music world, we take a look at Mendler’s standout and refreshing career.

In 2009, Mendler made waves on Disney Channel after becoming a recurring character in the popular show Wizards of Waverly Place. Not long after, Mendler starred in her own Disney show, Good Luck Charlie, spanning over four successful seasons.

By 2011, the actress had made a name for herself in the Disney sphere, as the lead for the Disney Channel Original Movie Lemonade Mouth. This film followed a group of five outcast high schoolers turned bandmates that influenced a generation of young people to stand up against the status quo. As the movie celebrates ten years since its premiere, fans talk about the impact the film had on them when they were younger.

With Mendler singing on Good Luck Charlie and Lemonade Mouth, she finally released her own album in 2012 titled Hello My Name Is… This album included songs like “Ready or Not” and “Hurricane.”

She then starred in an NBC comedy in 2015, Undatable, that lasted for three seasons. In 2016, she released a new song, “Atlantis,” that steered a different direction from her pop sound. With more electronic instrumentals, Mendler’s musical approach matured as she released an EP titled Nemesis. This album focused on her departure from Disney, offering a more in-depth perspective into her identity.

In 2018, Mendler stepped out of the Disney bubble to enroll in an MIT graduate program focusing on technologies that support inclusive and collaborative governance and citizen engagement. Fans and social media users alike shared their admiration for Mendler pursuing her Ph.D.

=Bridgit Mendler can do a PHD at MIT (she is currently) but not a single man in STEM could do Good Luck Charlie

Mendler has continued acting while balancing her education. As she stepped out of the Disney bubble, she went to star in movies like Father of the Year with David Spade and the 2019 Netflix comedy series Merry Happy Whatever. She seemed to have taken a break from her music, though, and has not released any singles since 2017.

Her music was brought back to life in 2021 after a TikTok creator, @thebigbradwolf, posted a remix version of her 2012 song “Hurricane.” The song exploded, causing many TikTok users to recollect the power of Mendler not just as a singer but an actress as well.


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We’re so excited to see Bridgit Mendler making new music, and we can’t wait to hear it! Until then, we’ll be blasting the Lemonade Mouth soundtrack, reliving the magic of her career.

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