Brandi Williams Reveals Original Name for ‘Bring It On’

Bring It On is one of the most iconic movies of all time and nearly every person who grew up during the 2000s rushed to theaters to watch it! Brandi Williams, who is known for her role as Lafred on the Clover’s cheer team. Did you know Bring It On was not the original name?

“It was called Cheer Fever when we were filming it…they didn’t change the name to Bring It On until after it was done,” she said.

Many cheerleaders and movie lovers around the world loved watching Bring It On because it centered around eye-catching stunts and catchy cheers. Williams said the movie brought back memories for her because she is a former cheerleader.

“I was actually the captain of my cheerleading team…I was so little, I was so young, but I guess it counts,” she said happily.

Even though she had cheerleading experience in her back pocket, she said cheer camp was no joke.

“We were cheerleaders for real. We had cheer camp for a whole month and that was literally us doing those stunts,” she said with pride. “We went through a real cheer camp, boot camp, with real cheerleaders, it was awesome,” she said

She said Blaque enjoyed learning the stunts so much, they wanted to try them on tour.

“Doing the stunts and all of that, we wanted to take it to our stage show. We had our dancers trying to learn how to put us up in the air and everything,” she said excitedly.

During the time of filming, she said Blaque never had a day off. She said they were still performing while still managing to learn lines and choreography.

“Every day that we had off were on a plane, flown somewhere to do a show, do an interview like it was crazy…it was amazing because we were living our dreams, it was just so much work,” she said.

Williams said she didn’t expect the movie to become as big as it did, but she is glad she is a part of history.

“ I just never would’ve thought that we would be here 20 years later talking about it, people dressing up like us for Halloween, it’s just so amazing,” she said. “I thank God for Bring It On because it brings Blaque relevant,” she continued.

Not only have you seen her face on Bring It On, but you’ve also heard her voice from the hit 90’s R&B group, Blaque! As she took a stroll down memory lane, she said she loved touring overseas and Japan was her favorite.

“Japan was crazy because we are huge in Japan…it was like kids sleeping down in the lobby, like pandemonium, like we could not drive down the street, so that was definitely fun and interesting,” she said.

Blaque fans around the world can start to prepare their vocal cords because Williams said new music is on the way.

“Shamari and I were actually working on it before the pandemic…you’re going to get a true Blaque record,” she said.

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