‘Bling Empire’: Whats Happened Since Season 2 Filmed!

Bling Empire season 2 has just been released, and now fans are excited to see what’s to come next! The cast has revealed a bit of what we can see from them in season 3. Also, we as fans have been able to get more insight into what happened in the scenes of season 2, now that it’s been out. Let’s catch you guys up on what you need to know.


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As we know in this season, Cherie and Jessey’s relationship gets questioned a lot. What is their timeline? Did Jessey already have a family before Cherie? Is that why he didn’t propose to her earlier, and she ended up proposing to him? Is Cherie a homewrecker? As all these questions started to unfold, Cherie and Jessey decided to dodge giving them answers and quit the show according to their cast members. This is something we fans didn’t know at all. We just saw that Cherie and Jessey weren’t in any more scenes, but we did not know they quit. Why did they take it to the extreme of quitting the entire show? According to Jamie in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Cherie was maybe scared to face the effects of the “truth” coming out about her and Jessey’s relationship.

Christine felt them leaving the show was disappointing and they should have told their side of their story. She feels many get hit with scenes and moments where they also feel they want to quit, but they don’t actually go through with it. Sadly, both Cherie and Jessey did just that. On the other hand, she gets it from a mother’s perspective. This was Cherie’s instinct of wanting to protect her family. With these two ideas in mind of why she left, Christine feels mixy about them leaving so abruptly in the middle of the season. As for Kevin, Kim, Kelly, and Kane, after filming they would see the couple at events but it would be plain, small conversations exchanged, and obvious to them that they were being avoided. Cherie also unfollowed most cast members on social media platforms after filming. Kane said he had reached out via text message just to tell Cherie that many tabloids are reaching out to him and he will direct them to her, but sadly Cherie never responded. Anna feels they are hurt by all the gossip that went on around their family. She, in comparison to the other castmates, has maintained the relationship with the couple and said they are doing well.

This season we were hit with a major cliffhanger that needs to be addressed. Kelly’s ex-boyfriend, whom we know from season 1 but hadn’t made his presence in season 2 until this last episode, shows up at Anna’s house. This left us fans thinking, Is he trying to win Kelly back? Will they get back together next season? Well first off, Kelly says she was never aware Andrew showed up at Anna’s house. She thinks they’ve had their peace and wishes him the best. She also said we can see what’s to come between them next season. As for what Anna has said regarding the cliffhanger, she says there’s not really a relationship at the moment with Andrew after filming. She gives viewers the advice that when watching the next season we should have an open mind and know that everyone makes mistakes.


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Moving on to Kim and Kevin’s failed attempt at a relationship this season, Kim says she couldn’t take Kevin seriously because ultimately it didn’t feel right. She couldn’t trust him no matter how many tests he took. Kevin says moving forward he wants a good relationship with whoever he ends up with so he went to get therapy to help better himself.

Season 2 brought on many new cast members and one is Dorothy Wang. We loved seeing her and who she was, but most importantly we loved seeing her beef with Kane. It was sad to see Dorothy at the end of the season leaving and moving to New York, and now we don’t know if we will see more of her in the season to come. All Dorothy has said is that season 3 is, “Locked and Loaded” according to her recent interview with Page Six. She says we can look forward to seeing the drama intensify. Lines will be drawn. Friendship will end. We will feel all the heat.


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Lastly, will we fans get a Selling Sunset and Bling Empire crossover? Kane has been spotted on The Oppenheim Group Real Estate, “our team,” page and it has left us fans thinking, will Kane be on Selling Sunset?

@realitytvgold1 Reality Star Kane Lim added to the cast of Selling Sunset .. What do you think guys will he make a good replacement for Christine Quinn? #sellingsunset #sellingsunsetnetflix #blingempire #christinequinn #kanelim ♬ Super Bass – Nicki Minaj

He says he’s a developer and his agent who represents himself in all deals. He has just been learning and hanging out with the Oppenheim group, kind of working with them. He hints we can maybe look forward to seeing him in the season to come.

As for Kane and when it comes to Bling Empire, he says after the show stops filming he tells his cast members he needs a break from them and time apart. As for what happened between Kane and Dorthy after filming he says nothing has changed. It’s safe to say the two still aren’t the best of friends. He says Dorthy moving to New York is a good way of them co-existing after the show.


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This season we saw a different side of everyone but hearing behind the scenes/after filming drama is even better. We will definitely all be tuned in to see what season 3 will bring!

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