Beyoncé Tickets Are a Hot Commodity & Fans are Securing Them By Any Means!

Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour tickets have generated a lot of buzz and the fans are going to great lengths to secure tickets for the show. We’ve collected some of the most dedicated attempts for attaining a spot at the highly demanded Renaissance World Tour!

Beyoncé fans around the world have been vying for tickets to her highly anticipated Renaissance World Tour. Tickets officially began releasing Monday, February 6th, for exclusive Beyhive members, followed by a staggered release to registered fans with access codes throughout the past two weeks. Beyoncé lovers all across the globe were able to secure tickets early during pre-sale for reasonable prices, but many had to witness ticket costs skyrocket as they waited their turn on the waitlist. In cities across America, take Atlanta, for example; nosebleed tickets are priced starting at over $200, floor seats are around $990-2,500, and VIP packages are going for nearly $5000. While these prices may deter certain fans, other fans are willing to do whatever it takes to witness the world’s best performer live.

Did you think distance would be an issue? Nope, Beyoncé fans are securing cheaper tickets across the pond and are ready to take flights to see the queen.

No one can question Beyoncé’s stardom, it’s unmatched, and the talent speaks for itself. I mean, who else has fans who are putting their all on the line just for tickets to see them like the Beyhive is?

Beyoncé comes first; everything else can wait!

When it comes to Beyoncé, the world stops! People have been awaiting a formal tour since her last concert tour in 2016, “The Formation World Tour,” and the time has come. If you’re just as eager as these fans to see Queen B live on tour, don’t let the prices break your soul, and check out Ticketmaster to secure your ticket.

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