Best Moments From ‘Big Mouth’ Season 5!

We all enjoy seeing the characters on Big Mouth grow in a quirky yet relatable way and this season incorporates the characters’ maturing by bringing in new people and monsters. Here are 5 of the best moments of season 5!

**Spoilers ahead for Season 5 of Netflix’s Big Mouth**

Walter, the lovebug

Just as there are hormone monsters there is a new genre of a creature called lovebugs! As our characters get older they start to experience more complex feelings like love, making these cutesy little bugs absolutely necessary. Although Walter belongs to Nick, he’s not the only lovebug this season so watch out to see who Sonya the lovebug attaches herself to as well!

Credit: Netflix

Jessi develops feelings

In previous seasons of Big Mouth, Jessi’s only stuck her foot in the door when it comes to romantic feelings. However, this season a little green-eyed monster called jealousy takes over her when she falls hard for a budding friendship. We can’t forget to mention that her new pal is taken, so you have to see for yourself whether or not she succumbs to becoming a homewrecker.

Credit: Netflix

The Muppet-inspired Christmas episode

With Maurice the hormone monster referencing Kermit the Frog, we know that the creators’ intent with this special was to resemble those famous puppets. This episode is chock-full of different art styles, even including an anime-inspired segment. The plot bounces back and forth between the different realms and watching Connie and Maurice drunkenly go at each other while waiting for guests to arrive at their party is super entertaining.

Credit: Netflix

Rochelle the worm

New and old, the show now has hormone monsters, the shame wizard, lovebugs, anxiety mosquitoes, and depression kitty, but we have yet to mention these sassy and hateful worms that make their debut. Rochelle the worm is not the only one that disrupts the peace by spreading rumors about the other students, but she is the first. Her powers only get stronger as more drama ensues, so look out to see who this fella belongs to.

Credit: Netflix

Missy says “bye” to Nathan Fillion

It’s quite monumental for Missy to move on from her feelings for her long-time crush on TV persona Nathan Fillion, but like the rest of the Big Mouth cast this season, hearts are beating for more than just the manic-pixie dream girls. Missy is growing up and has her own new love interest like many others in this season, so it’s necessary to go stream it and see who she’s replaced Nathan with.

Big Mouth continues to be a success and it captivates such a wide array of audiences. We loved this season just like the last and can’t wait to see where they take us next year in season 6!

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