Best Meredith Grey Moments!

After 19 seasons of Meredith Grey being the main character on Grey’s Anatomy, she will no longer make an appearance in every episode. Let’s reminisce about some of Merideth’s best moments on the show!

“Pick me. Choose me. Love me.”

This was a defining moment in Meredith’s relationship with Derek. She finally understood what she wanted and who she wanted to be with. In this moment, she is so open and vulnerable because he is what she wants, and she is willing to go to extremes in order to be with him.

“You don’t get to call me a whore!”

Meredith put Derek in his place and was so badass while doing it. He picked his wife, Addison, at the time, but he was still jealous and trying to control Meredith’s actions. When Merideth specifically said, “you don’t get to call me a whore” this was her pretty much telling Derek to get lost, and he doesn’t get to judge or be mad at her behavior since he didn’t choose her.

Confronting The Doctor Who Killed Derek

As an audience member watching Meredith stand up for herself, Derek, and her family, speaking the truth that no one else knew about, we felt for her. She gave a moving monologue about how Derek’s surgeon was negligent in Derek’s death because he was out to dinner and took way too long to respond to the call, as well as could have given him a head CT and didn’t. If he were more proactive about the situation, maybe our beloved Derek would still be at Meredith’s side today. She spoke in front of the whole board and other doctors to reveal the truth of the situation. This shows the audience how strong and independent Meredith came to be since she was fighting tooth and nail to reveal the truth and keep her license to practice. She does not believe that this man, out of anyone, should be allowed to have any say in anything that has to do with her medical license.

Winning The Harper Avery Award

This shows the duality of Meredith Grey. She is able to be a team player and inspire others through her work. Her groundbreaking surgeries, hard work, and dedication shine for everyone to witness. Meredith not being able to show up to accept her award because she puts her patients first shows Meredith’s heart to the world.

Being High Before Getting Her Appendix Out

Christina and Meredith were talking about how she didn’t want to be known as the “slutty intern” and for that to be her legacy at the hospital. She was on drugs at the time to keep her pain tolerable, which makes her spew nonsense about how Christina is her best friend, how Bailey is pretty, and she didn’t want Geroge to kill her after his last scrubbing in on an appendix removal. She also mentions how “too many people have seen me naked already. I’d like to keep whatever dignity I have left,” which is a silly moment to add on her way to surgery.

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 “Happy freakin’ Halloween!”

This comment is obviously dark humor. Meredith came downstairs to find Alex carving a pumpkin and Izzie baking. The scene is set up in the middle of the night when everyone’s supposed to be sleeping, but instead, everyone is doing the most random things you would least expect would be happening at this hour. Meredith pours her mother’s cremated remains into a plastic baggie which makes Izzie ask what it is. The answer was definitely not what she was expecting.

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