Best Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson Moments From ‘Law and Order: SVU’!

With the return of Elliot Stabler to Law and Order: SVU, fans love to reminisce on the Benson and Stabler duo throughout the years. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and look back on our favorite moments of the two!

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Law and Order: SVU has been on for 23 seasons now and clearly continues to remain popular among people everywhere. The original fans remember the iconic duo that is Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson from way back at the beginning of the show and now we are lucky enough to see them together again. Here are some of our favorite Stabler and Benson moments!

Season 10 Episode 7 – Olivia Saves Elliot

It’s no secret that these two always have each other’s backs no matter what the circumstance is. Particularly in this scene, Elliot is working undercover when two bad men with guns barge in. Although Olivia is not working alongside him per usual, she was concerned and happened to track him down to see what he was up to. So when the guys came in holding guns looking for Elliot, Olivia came to the rescue by distracting them. It’s instances like these that make them such amazing partners!

Season 6 Episode 13 – Elliot Comforts Olivia

Everyone knows Olivia is very insecure about her upbringing due to the fact that her father was a very bad man and her mother was an alcoholic. She’s constantly second-guessing herself and wondering if she has any of her parents’ not so redeeming qualities. This is a battle she’s constantly fighting and everyone around her is aware, especially Elliot. In this scene, Elliot reminds Olivia that she is way better than her parents and turned out to be an amazing woman. It’s so heartwarming watching these two support each other both on and off the job!

Season 7 Episode 19 – Olivia Requests a New Partner

One of the saddest moments for SVU fans was when Olivia requested a new partner to replace Elliot. Although hearing it was incredibly heartbreaking, their reasoning for the split was one of their cutest moments together. While attempting to take down a criminal, Olivia refuses to shoot him because he has Elliot hostage. Although Olivia had to forget about her partner at the moment to do her job, she was unable to and for that reason, they chose to separate. The conversation they have will bring you to tears just hearing how much they care for each other!

Season 9 Episode 9 – Elliot Thanks Olivia

Olivia is typically referred to as Stabler’s “at work” wife which is an ongoing joke between the two of them along with Stabler’s real wife, Kathy. When Elliot asks Olivia to drive Kathy to her doctor’s appointment, they end up in a pretty serious car accident putting both Kathy and her unborn baby in danger. Kathy goes into labor and is perfectly fine, to which Elliot is incredibly grateful to Olivia for ensuring they get medical attention immediately. After they hold a stare and silently hug, Olivia jokes around with Elliot and their banter is what makes us appreciate their friendship!

Season 22 Episode 9 – Elliot Apologizes for Leaving

To jump into one of the newer Benson/Stabler moments, any OG fan will for sure be in tears after taking a look at this conversation between the two. Our heartstrings were being pulled as Stabler finally gave the apology for leaving that we were all waiting for. Way back in Season 12, Stabler had abandoned Olivia after a self-defense shooting went wrong for him. Not only was Olivia hurt, but all the fans of SVU were extremely distraught over his absence from the show. So this apology is not only for Olivia, but one fans have been waiting on since he left.

The friendship between Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson is one of a kind. We have watched these two from the beginning, and to see them finally reunite again brings back great memories! Let us know your favorite Bensler moments on Twitter @AfterBuzzTV

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