Back To School – S2 E2 ‘Harley Quinn’ Recap & Review

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Harley Quinn has broken up with the Joker, and ready to wreak havoc on Gotham to prove that she can be the greatest, or maybe the worst villain they’ve ever seen! Tune in to THE AFTERBUZZ TV HARLEY QUINN AFTER SHOW PODCAST, as hosts Tehran (@IAmTehran) andChauncey K. Robinson (@MsChaunceyKR) dig into the new star-studded animated series on DC Universe!

On this weeks episode of DC’s HARLEY QUINN – SEASON 2 – EPISODE 2 – RIDDLE U – Harley Quinn and Ivy have to infiltrate Riddler’s section of New Gotham known as Riddle U because its the only part of the city that has running clean water and electricity.  The only way to break in is to disguise themselves as college girls and hitching a ride on the back of Kiteman, who’s return to the show has been highly anticipated.  Clayface creates the character Stephanie to join the duo but knowing Clayface’s flair for the dramatics his request to join is denied.  He does so anyway as Stephanie, a character reminiscent of the movie White Chicks, and is immediately the most popular girl on campus, even saving Harley and Ivy with their college monikers Heather Weatherby and Isadora Staplebumpkin from being found out by saying they are with her, an excuse that is easily accepted by the college tour guide “Babs”.
Their mission to find Riddler and get electricity and water for themselves as well.  They are then discovered by the guide as Harley attacks the Riddler who turns out to only be the school mascot.  Babs quick escapes to seemingly raise the alarm and Harley gives chase only to find out Babs is a “surprisingly agile tour guide”m as she flips her way to an escape to her dorm room.  Harley and Ivy break into the dorm room to a room full of Batman memorabilia and none other than Commissioner Gordon himself.  “Babs” turns out to be short for “Barbara Gordon” aka Batgirl.  She convinces Harley and Ivy that she is vehemently against the Riddler and tells them of a sinister Frat Party that happens in which  students go in but never come out. Taking all 3 wristbands from Babs, the two look for Stephanie to sneak into the party.  Stephanie is already invited as VIP.  Once she enters VIP she is not seen from either.  This inspires Harley and and Ivy to sneak Inside the VIP inside the party as well only to find Riddle using students to run in hamster wheels to power everything.  They are quickly captured and placed in hamster wheels themselves alongside Clayface Stephanie.
Meanwhile Babs and Commissioner Gordon have some heart felt words.  Gordon has lost confidence and feels undefined and helpless without “the Bat” referring to Batman.  Babs takes it on herself to break into the party as well.  She dons a hoodie and mask and finds Harley, Ivy, and Stephanie on their respective hamster wheels.  Successful fighting goons Babs finds a gun, aims at the switch instead of Riddler.  When she fails to hit the switch, Babs throws the gun at Riddler’s forehead which jabs him into the switch and knocks him out.  Harley and Ivy capture him and take them back to their lair.
While this is going on Shark and Dr. Psyco are having an adventure of their own.  They are delegated to a task that takes them through Two Face territory where they run into Two Face’s goons who drive in police cars and speak like 1930s gangsters.  They then escape to Baneton where Bane goons are not easily defeated by their car contraption escape from Two Face’s goons.  Bane goons take the serum and eat the tire.
We return to the lair where Shark and Psycho have donned Bane masks as they escaped by becoming “Bane Boys” and ironically Riddler is running in a hamster providing energy for Harley and Ivy’s lair.  We return to Riddle U to see Babs, inspired by the lack of action by Commissioner Gordon and her love and obsession with Batman, donning gear befitting her of a Batman like costume, introducing Batgirl.  All this and more on the DC’s HARLEY QUINN – SEASON 2 – EPISODE 2 – RIDDLE U – Afterbuzz Aftershow.  Stay tuned.