Are We Getting New Billie Eilish Music?

Billie Eilish dropped a clip hinting at new music and a new color palette! Here’s what fans are saying!

Singer-songwriter sensation Billie Eilish is teasing fans with a new single, ‘Happier Than Ever.’ The 19-year-old Grammy winner dropped a 15-second clip on Twitter that is causing quite a stir. It reached a million views in an hour! In the clip, she’s sitting on a clam chair while wearing an off-the-shoulder white dress. Her blonde hair, which caused stan Twitter to freak out a few weeks ago, is on full display. It’s a much softer vibe than her previous era, which is causing a lot of excitement.

She also posted on her TikTok a clip that emphasizes her new softer aesthetic and has ‘Happier Than Ever’ playing in the background.


♬ original sound – Happier Than Ever

Eilish’s website has also been updated to match the color theme, and she posted on her story with the same colors, getting everyone ready for what’s to come.

Colour theme for BE2#BillieEilish

— Shpill Inc (@Spill_Inc) April 26, 2021

Fans are absolutely buzzing over the news! After hearing just 15 seconds of ‘Happier Than Ever,’ people are already itching for a tracklist and for more Billie!

Fans @wtpobil, @wishuwerebil, and @billianaoutsold are already getting ready for Billie’s next era to break the internet:


— sarah (@wtpobil) April 26, 2021

billie eilish to make
getting ready history

— anna (@wishuwerebil) April 26, 2021

While @jess_eilish is freaking out over the announcement while they still have exams:

remember when i said i was coming off social media to focus on my exam and then billie eilish did this…. it’s a sign

— Jess ☁️ (@jess_eilish) April 26, 2021

And @karlasmanners and @cherishingbil, like a lot of fans, are obsessing over Billie in general.

girls don’t want boyfriends, girls want billie eilish to look at them like this

— katerina (@karlasmanners) April 26, 2021

Like everyone else, we cannot wait to learn more about this upcoming era! As we dive into summer, keep a look out for more Billie Eilish news and hopefully a release date!

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