An Open Letter to Jennifer Aniston.

As Jennifer Aniston continues to grace the screen with exemplary roles, Courtney McGinley shares how much of an inspiration the actress is to her. 

Dear Jennifer Aniston,

From the time I was only seven years old, sitting in a red velvet chair in the movie theater, stuffing my face with popcorn, crying over the big screen playing Marley and Me, I knew I would always be a fan! Marley and Me was the first movie that made me cry, and I thought it was so powerful how an actor could captivate an audience.  

Fast forward to the age of 18, I was fortunate enough to attend the screening of The Morning Show in New York City. Getting the opportunity to see you, the person I looked up to for all these years, walking down the red carpet was a surreal moment. After watching the compelling, yet heart-wrenching portrayal of Alex Levy, I remember being in absolute awe, just like my seven-year-old self.

Not only are you a brilliant actor and producer, but your ability to make people smile, laugh or even tear up has gained you a whirlwind of love as a person. 

Whether I need advice, reassurance, or an escape, I know I can always turn on the television and count on your numerous characters to pick me up, especially Rachel Green. As someone who is experiencing life on my own for the first time, it is interesting to relate to a similar dynamic with my friends. 

From being “America’s Sweetheart” and the girl next door who almost every woman in their 20s can relate to being the well-renowned news anchor whose life is slowly collapsing on the inside to the raunchy dental doctor, your versatility is admirable. There is no stopping you anytime soon!

You, Jennifer Aniston, are an inspiration to everyone. This world can be full of negativity and uncertainty, but your positive attitude and smile are radiant! One of my favorite quotes of yours is, “Once you figure out who you are and what you love about yourself, I think it all kinda falls into place.” I couldn’t agree more. I try to instill that mindset in my daily life. 

I aspire to be someone like you, just as successful, but more importantly a person with your heart, drive, compassion, and love for what you do! 

My ultimate aim in life is to become a correspondent or host for an entertainment-based company. One day, I hope I will be able to meet and interview you for another infamous role that will grace the screen. In the meantime, keep shining on, and cheers to ample possibilities!

Thank you for being the person who has inspired me to never give up on my dreams and encouraged me to believe in myself! 


Courtney McGinley

About the Author

Courtney McGinley

Courtney McGinley is a student at Pennsylvania State University, majoring in Broadcast Journalism focusing on TV Reporting and minoring in Business.