Amanda Seyfried Movies To Watch For Any Mood!

Whether you’re feeling energetic and in the mood for some Mamma Mia, or nostalgic for Mean Girls, Seyfried’s movies have got you covered!  

Our favorite actress, artist, and a lister, Amanda Seyfried, has proven her many talents to the public over the past several years. Her ability to make you laugh and then cry in a matter of seconds is only one of the reasons we love to watch her perform. From comedies to dramas and even musicals, Seyfried has played lots of roles and given us a variety of lovable characters. In honor of the queen, we’re giving you the best Seyfried movies to watch depending on your mood!


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Energetic: Mamma Mia 1 and 2

In the mood to get up and dance or sing along to a movie we are sure you know all the words to? This is the movie for you! You’ll be tapping your foot to the beat for a good two hours. Either of these two fabulous movies are a great movie to watch with your friends!

Romantic: Letters to Juliet

If you need some more romance in your life, this movie is the way to go! This sweet story is filled with love and might cause you to take a look at your own life.

Comedic: Ted 2

If you’ve seen Ted you know that this movie won’t disappoint. In need of a break from reality and the urge to laugh till your stomach hurts? This movie will give it to you!

Thriller: Gone

After Seyfried’s character escapes from her own kidnapper, her sister goes missing! This intense film will have you constantly in fear and desperate to know what’s going to happen next.

Sad: Love the Coopers

This drama also has lots of laughs and lighthearted humor, with a melancholy theme. You will probably cry, but you’ll also remember the importance of family and to hug the people closest to you in your life!

Nostalgic: Mean Girls

The movie is so fetch, right? Arguably one of the most iconic teenage movies of all time, this film will zap you right back into highschool. Seyfried’s character adds the perfect amount of comedic relief!


A childhood favorite, this movie will give you all the most magical feels. If you want to get back in tune with your imagination, this film will give you all the magic powers that you had as a kid.


This piece of art will turn you right back in time. The mystery, adventure, and intensity that Seyfried’s character endures gives you a glimpse of what the time period was like. The movie is in black and white, adding to the overall nostalgic feel.

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