All The Latin Music You Need For Your Quarantine Playlist

Who doesn’t love new music? Artists like Lenny Tavarez and Karol G dropped some amazing songs that just have to be in your playlist.

#5 ‘Por Ti’ – Tito El Bambino x Lenny Tavarez

Old school and new school reggaeton unite to create this incredible song!

Tito El Bambino is considered as one of the pioneers of the urban genre in Latin music and paved the way for the new generation of artists such as Lenny Tavarez.

Neither Lenny nor Tito are new to collabing with other artists.

They previously collabed with others in the genre such as Rauw Alejandro and Lyanno to name a few.

Tito shared this post on Instagram prior to release of the song while Lenny shared some photos from the video itself.

Both Lenny and Tito are gearing up as they are rumored to each release an album very soon!

We could not be more excited and we hope it happens in the upcoming weeks.

The song is available on all platforms and you can watch the official music on video on Youtube.

#4 No Drama – Becky G x Ozuna

We definitely don’t need any drama right now!

That’s exactly what both Becky G and Ozuna have to say in their newest song ‘No Drama’.

Both artists teased the collaboration on their Instagram accounts a few days prior to the release of the song.

Becky G just recently celebrated the one year anniversary for her debut album, Mala Santa.

Ozuna, on the other hand, released his newest album, ENOC, a few weeks ago so we’re hoping Becky drops her second studio album soon! (Becky, if you are reading this, please drop it)

The song and music video visuals are to die for, so if you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest you do!

#3 ‘Reloj’ – Rauw Alejandro x Anuel AA

Truth be told, Rauw Alejandro is one of the hottest artists right now in the urban genre.

His rise to fame is incredible and seeing him grow as an artist has been amazing.

He has worked day in and day out to provide the best music to his fans and he has yet to disappoint.

His collaboration with Anuel is a long-time coming.

Fun fact: these two went to the same school in Puerto Rico. Anuel revealed that he didn’t know Rauw sang until he got into the music scene and he was really surprised.

This isn’t the first time these two artists have collabed. In the past, Anuel was part of the remix for ‘Elegi’ and ‘Fantasias’, both of which were songs Rauw Alejandro was a part of originally.

Rauw Alejandro posted a sneak peek a day before the song was released on his Instagram.

Once the song was, Anuel posted part of his verse on social media as well.

Make sure to add this song to your playlist!

#2 ‘Bichota’ – Karol G

Karol G, one of the leading ladies of the reggaeton genre, has released yet another song and we could not be more happy.

Karol previously released ‘Ay, DiOs Mio’ which became an instant success and is still on my playlist because it’s that good.

The Colombian artist gave her fans a cute sneak peek of the song before she released it.

She even posted some behind the scenes picture of her on the set of the music video.

Karol G later revealed how much her fiancé, Anuel, influences her newest song. Check the clip of the interview below!

Karol G served looks in her music and did not disappoint!

#1 ‘Dákiti’ – Bad Bunny x Jhay Cortez

Bad Bunny is back!

After seeing him return for a virtual concert in New York, el conejo malo is back with new music.

But he did not come back alone, he came with none other than Jhay Cortez.

These two artists have not been shy to collaborations and have even worked on songs together in the past.

‘Dákiti’ marks the third collaboration and we’re hoping it’s not the last one.

Fans became excited for new music after seeing pictures float around of the two artists filming on a beach.

Bad Bunny and Jhay Cortez confirmed the rumors with a post on their Instagram page.

The music video has amassed more than six million views in less than 24 hours. It’s safe to say that fans absolutely loved the song.

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