Album Watch: Miley Cyrus, Kid Cudi, Drake & More

We love new music, so we’re listing off albums we’re on the lookout for!

Something we could all use right now, is some brand new music!

Lots of musicians have been announcing upcoming music recently and we are absolutely thrilled. So let’s take a look at albums we’re currently keeping an eye on!

Miley Cyrus

Miley has been releasing banger after banger these past few weeks. She’s been focusing on covers, with her “Heart of Glass” cover skyrocketing in popularity after her performance on Jimmy Fallon. Well, fans were ecstatic today when she announced her “Plastic Hearts” album will be released on November 27th! You can pre-order it now.

Kid Cudi

That’s right! Kid Cudi has announced that his “Man on the Moon III” album will be coming out soon! This news comes after a decade of the last “Man on the Moon” installment. After many years of waiting, it seemed like the third installment would never come. The rapper himself even stated in interviews that the third installment would not happen. However, fans were pleasantly surprised today when the rapper tweeted out this teaser video!


Okay, so we don’t have an official release date yet, but it has to be coming…right? During her performance on SNL last week, Adele mentioned that her upcoming album is not yet finished. However, that’s not stopping us from having hope. Adele – we’re ready whenever you are!


Rapper, Drake, announced the release date for his upcoming album “Certified Lover Boy” this past weekend. According to an Instagram promo clip he released, the album will be coming out in January 2021. Fans are always thrilled to see what Drake is cooking up next and were happy the artist has decided to start the new year off in style.

Shawn Mendes

Mendes’ album, “Wonder,” is set to release on December 4th. He released the main song of the track, also titled “Wonder,” in early October. The music video premiered on October 1st and had the internet swarming with memes and excitement. We can’t wait to hear the rest!

Let us know what music you’re waiting to release!

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