AfterBuzz TV Loves Pamela Anderson!

From her own Netflix documentary to the Ambassador Theatre, Pamela Anderson has some big things coming her way!

Following the popularity of Hulu’s Pam & Tommy, Pamela Anderson is all the rage once again. An entirely new generation has been given the chance to fall in love with her the same way the world did 30 years ago.

But now that she’s the It-Girl of 2022, what’s next for Pam? What could she possibly do next? AfterBuzz TV has compiled some of her upcoming endeavors to watch out for as well as projects we’d like to see her take on!

Up Next For Pam:

Broadway Baby

It was announced on March 7th that Pam would officially be making her Broadway debut as Roxy Hart in Chicago. This only seems fitting, given that Chicago is a story about the narratives in which women are portrayed in the media to shape an audience’s perspective of them. We’re excited to see Pamela take on a role that reclaims the way in which her public perceives her and demands their respect and attention.


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Upcoming Netflix Documentary

Pamela recently announced via Instagram that she’s signed on to film a documentary for Netflix. While it’s unclear what all will be included in the documentary, Pam will be telling her side of her story as opposed to the one the media created for her for so long. Since Pam & Tommy was made without her consent or permission, this is an opportunity for her to share as much or as little as she wishes — and we’re all for it!

What We’d Like to See Her Do Next:

Publish a New Book

Pam has already published several books: Star, Pandemonium, Lust for Love, Raw and Star Struck. Whether it be an autobiography or fiction, the world would love another good read from Pam.

Activism Campaigns

Pam is a vocal activist for many causes, such as animal rights, online pornography, HIV & AIDS as well as the legalization of cannabis, among many others. She previously ran campaigns with the MAC Cosmetic MAC AIDS Fund and PETA, and we’d love to see her run another campaign for one (or more) or her many charitable causes.

Return to the Small or Silver Screens

Given the world’s rekindled love for Pam, any endeavor of hers would surely be a hit. If she’d like to, we would love to see her return to television and film!

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