A Show for Every Back-to-School Mood!

The new school year’s quickly approaching, so let us give you a list of some of our favorite back-to-school feel shows for you for every mood!

No matter what mood you’re in this school year, we have the show for you! From nostalgic treasures of the past to looking forward to some changes in the future, we have the list of perfect shows to watch your moods!

Chilling With the Homies

If you’re in a chill mood with your friends and looking for something to match your vibe, you have to watch That 70s Show! With a chunk of the show taking place in Eric Forman’s basements, you’ll catch scenes of the friends watching TV on the couch just like you!


Back-to-school Jitters

Sometimes the new school year can be very nerve-racking! You might be going to a new school, trying to make new friends, or might just be nervous about what you’re going to wear on the first day. Whatever’s giving you the jitters, the characters in Glee seem like they can certainly relate! So, if you’re looking for some characters to help calm your nerves and put a smile on your face as you sing along to their performances, we highly recommend you watch some Glee!


New Year, New Me!

Looking to have a little personality change this new year? Well luckily for you, so was Lindsay Weir in Freaks and Geeks! And she was most definitely successful. So if you’re looking for someone to relate to as you switch up your life this year, binge-watch the short and sweet series of Freak and Geeks!


High School Sweetheart!

If you’re feeling lovey this year as you enter the new year with your high school sweetheart, Dawson’s Creek is the show that’ll get you right in the sweetheart feels! Watch this group of friends grow up throughout their years in high school where new relationships unfold full of young love!


Saturday Night Girls Night

Are you looking forward to a girls’ night in after a long week of school? Ready to indulge in some popcorn, enjoy ice cream, and binge-watch a cozy show with your friends? We recommend you watch Gilmore Girls, which is full of an iconic mother-daughter duo and lots of romances for you and your friends to choose which team you’re on!


In the feels

Feeling a bit nostalgic as time flies by? Us too! We always love watching a comforting throwback like Boy Meets World to get us in our feels. This show gave us the opportunity to watch our favorite characters grow up and let us know that no matter what happens or if things aren’t going your way they will always end up ok in the end!


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