A Rundown of the Season 2 Cast of ‘90 Day The Single Life’

The trailer was just revealed for ‘90 Day: The Single Life’ and it looks like there is no room for disappointment! We’re giving you a quick overview of each cast member to get you ready for the premiere!

90 Day The Single Life Season 2 cast members have officially been revealed, and now we can’t wait for the season premiere on November 12th! Here is a breakdown of everyone you will see on the upcoming season.  

Debbie Johnson 

Debbie Johnson has become a well-known name in the 90 Day world as Colt Johnson’s overbearing mother. Some of her most memorable moments from the show were the constant battles with her son’s wife, Larissa. Her husband died in 2008, and since then, it has just been her and Colt. But now that Colt has found his forever partner in Vanessa, Debbie is also looking to get back in the game! Will Colt be as critical of Debbies boyfriends?

Jesse Meester 

Jesse Meester made his first appearance on Before the 90 Days first two seasons while he was dating Darcey Silva, but his controlling nature and her emotional state caused riffs between the two. Their relationship officially ended on a cab ride in the streets of New York City, something Darcey was not prepared for. Now, years later, Jesse resides in Russia and believes a fellow cast member, Jennifer Tarazona, could be the perfect match. 

Jennifer Tarazona

Jennifer Tarazona was first introduced while she was dating Tim Malcolm on Before the 90 Days. The two had many bumps in the road while visiting her in Columbia, and she ultimately broke off her engagement. Now she has met Jesse, but is he the one? There’s a lot to unfold when Jesse travels across the world to see her, only to find out that the Columbia native is dating another man. 

Stephania Matto 

One of the most recent memorable breakups was on Before the 90 Days season 4 when Stephanie Matto and her Australian girlfriend Erica called it quits after some extremely awkward fights. Stephani is bisexual and hopes to find the right man or woman to hopefully end her two-year celibacy streak. She’s known for her trust issues and intimacy problems, so could that jeopardize her search for love? 

Natalie Mordovseva 

It’s been a rollercoaster watching Natala Mordovseva and Mike Youngquist’s journey on 90 Day Fiance on both seasons 7 and 8. Their marriage started on the 90th day of her K-1 visa, and it was a downhill slide from there. She left Mike and moved to Florida, where she started a new life for herself and now hopes to find her real true love and start a family. 

Syngin Colchester

Syngin Colchester made his first appearance in season 7 with his then fiancé, Tania Maduro. The couple had numerous fights over everything, from if they were soulmates to drinking problems. Their struggle to find an understanding between their opposing views on marriage, children, and work resulted in their breakup. Now, before he even finds his soulmate, he plans to move across the country to start his new life.

“Big Ed” Brown

Yes, Big Ed is back. He appeared in The Single Life’s first season and is now returning to find his perfect love in season 2, hopefully. He first appeared in Before The 90 Days during season 4, where he struggled with his relationship with Rosemarie “Rose” Vega, and the two ended up splitting before the season was even over. And although he and his friend Liz Woods got engaged, they ultimately ended things. Is it possible that he will be able to join the Tell-All as a taken man after this season? 

Season 2 of The Single Life will premier on November 12th on discovery plus. Will these returning faces finally be able to find love? 

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