A Look At Threads: Twitter’s Possible Grim Reaper

After years of Mastodon, Trump’s side project, and other suggestions to the monolithic blue bird, Meta may finally have the answer.

A long time coming, Twitter’s death knoll may finally be upon us. Threads, launched by Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, which encompasses Facebook and Instagram, is a ‘gram-adjacent alternative to the now Elon Musk-reigned Twitter which has been in something of a death spiral as of late. Many are saying it spells the end for the Jack Dorsey-Founded blue bird that once kept you to 140 characters or less.

For Instagram lovers, there’s no better alternative since you have to have an Instagram account to use Threads, and you must have the same username. Perhaps it’s a blessing and a curse; maybe you’re not a fan of the photo-sharing app. The interface is ‘gram-adjacent, and has a warm feel to it. Perhaps we’re just jaded from blue checkmarks and such, but it’s a compelling, original spin, more so than, say Truth Social.

The numbers, though, are the biggest indication of the dagger that Threads is sinking into Twitter. 80 million users signed up in 48 hours, making it the most rapidly-downloaded app in history. So what are the people saying?

For now, it seems it matters little if Threads sticks (though it’s putting up a great fight) and people have differing reactions to the app.

A typical Threads post might espouse similar sentiment. Many are just getting to grips with the new platform, while others are, of course, dunking on Musk. Just look at the viral ElonJet account, which is now on Threads.

Only time will determine if Threads will stick around but it does seem like it has a fighting chance.

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