90 Day Fiance’s’ Asuelu’s Sister Says Scenes About Money Are Fake & Posts Receipts!

‘90 Day Fiance’s’ Asuelu’s sister, Paepaealofa claims scenes about Asuelu sending money are faked for ratings and shows proof he does send money to his family in Samoa 

One of the main storylines on the current season of 90 Day Fiance is Asuelu and Kalani’s battle with Asuelu’s family over money.

His family believes that he should be giving money to his family back in Samoa, while Kalani believes his money should go to taking care of them and their children. The situation got even more intense in the latest episode where Asuelu’s sister attempted to fight Kalani while his mother claimed to not care about her grandkids and said she wanted Asuelu to come back to Samoa. It comes as no surprise that fans were overwhelmingly on Kalani’s side.

However, Asuelu’s other sister, Paepaealofa, is saying that the whole fight is fake and they are only doing it for ratings.

In a post on her Facebook from back in the beginning of August, she put a photo of her sisters and mother from the show and captioned it our family Actresses.

She also posted to her Facebook receipts of Asuelu sending money on August 3rd of this year.

One YouTuber ,Sharrell’s Worlds, showed that a fan sent in all the info as well as a post from her page that had Google translated. In the post she is laughing about how she benefits financially from the show and they are all just acting.

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