9 Ari Songs That Deserve More Love!

Ariana Grande turns 28-years-old today! To celebrate the talented pop star’s birthday, we’re taking a look at songs from her discography that we think deserve more attention.

June 26th marks the birthday of iconic singer Ariana Grande!

Aside from her most popular singles, Ariana has an entire collection of songs that radiate her creativity and spectacular talent. As a shoutout to the birthday girl, and to celebrate her wonderful music, we want to settle an internet debate in the Arianator community: which underrated Ariana songs are truly the best? Keep on reading to see our personal favorites from each of Ariana’s albums.

“Positions”: “obvious” and “worst behavior”

“obvious” should – for a lack of a better word – obviously make this list. The lyrics focus on dedication to a loved one and combined with the warm melody that should be a comforting feelings to listeners. Not to mention, the chorus is super catchy. Our only complaint? The 2 and a half minute song is too short! Take a look below at YouTuber and Arianator KioshiWarrior reacting to and analyzing the meaning of “obvious”.

The jazzy, R&B-styled “worst behavior” can not be overlooked. In fact, considering the exceptional quality of this song, it is surprising that Ariana only released it in “Positions (Deluxe)” and not the original “Positions” album version. Nonetheless, we’re happy that she did give us this beautiful piece to listen to on repeat.

“thank u, next”: “make up” and “in my head”

Although the tune of “make up” seems playful and cute, the lyrics are aimed at adult listeners to understand; even though Ariana might argue with her significant other, at the end of the day she knows they’ll make up with more than just a kiss. This creative contrast makes the song even more fun and special.

“in my head” provides the most underrated beat of the album. In other words, this is a song you can play in your car with the windows rolled down and the volume blasted. Additionally, the lyrics of “in my head” are arguably one of the most creative from “thank u, next”. Check out the “in my head” visual below that Ariana partnered with Vogue to create.

“Sweetener”: “R.E.M” and “everytime”

The melody of “R.E.M” is dreamy and soothing, reminding listeners of putting a baby to sleep. Considering the title is based on REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, this purposeful head-in-the-clouds sound makes sense. Ariana released her 8th perfume fragrance inspired by “R.E.M”. Take a look at Ariana’s commercial for her the fragrance based off of the titular song.

Ariana showcases her impressive vocal range in “everytime”. Despite the intense lyrics, the song about a toxic relationship has a noteworthy beat to it. Shortly after releasing “Sweetener”, Ariana posted a behind the scenes video to her Instagram of recording “everytime”; check it out below!


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“Dangerous Woman”: “Sometimes”

Similar to “everytime”, “Sometimes” is a song about Ariana’s devotion to a significant other. The acoustic sounds woven throughout remind listeners of an early 2000’s pop ballad. Ariana’s post-bridge chorus tops the sultry song in terms of high notes.

“My Everything”: “Break Your Heart Right Back”

“Break Your Heart Right Back” is irresistibly catchy for its sampling of Diana Ross’ “I’m Coming Out”. In the song, Ariana sings about wanting revenge on her boyfriend because she finds out he is cheating on her with another man. Rapper Childish Gambino backs up Ariana in the song by taking over the bridge. The energy that Ariana and her dance crew bring to the stage in a live performance is fun and inviting. Check it out below!


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“Yours Truly”: “You’ll Never Know”

Ariana serves us with the ultimate pop anthem in “You’ll Never Know”. The song is about a crush that professes their love to Ariana when it is already too late. Unlike the potential lover that missed their chance, the bubbly, upbeat song makes you want to dance immediately.

Although we’ve listed our personal favorites, let’s be honest: it is almost impossible to choose because all of Ariana’s music is too good to be true! Nonetheless, we hope you’ve been introduced to a new favorite Ari song. Why not play it on repeat to celebrate the singer’s talent on her birthday?!

For all our Arianators out there: What other song(s) might you add to this list?

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