8 Young Black Women On TikTok You Should Be Following!

Black History Month is almost over, but before it ends, we want you to follow these young Black women who make killer content in beauty, comedy, fashion, and lifestyle.

As Black History Month is coming to an end and Women’s History Month is soon to begin, we want to put some amazing Black women TikTokers on your radar– just in case your for you page hasn’t yet. Our picks showcase Black women across various niches like lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and comedy. TikTok’s algorithm gives you the power to curate your for you page, so if you want to see more Black women making relatable and helpful content, follow them and like their videos to push even more content like theirs on your page.  

Aliyah’s Interlude @aliyahsinterlude1

Aliyah is thee fashion IT girl right now! Recognized for her trending style, #aliyahcore, she documents her life through a visual diary of her experience with fashion, beauty, and traveling. Aliyah will give you the best style and fashion tips while motivating you to express yourself in your own unique way.


Anayka She @anaykashe

Anayka makes a variety of videos, from life saving advice to funny storytimes, and she’s most known for her hilarious unapologetic takes on TikTok. She’s a rising soul and R&B artist with a beautiful smooth sound and a charming personality creating wholesome content you’ll love.


Danessy Auguste @danessyauguste

Danessy posts inspirational content that caters to uplifting Black womanhood as well as comedic videos about her life on a range of topics like romance, family, work, and college life. She offers a distinct perspective on her life as a Black girl and makes relatable content influencing her followers to be comfortable in their own skin.


Jamila Hadiya @jamilahadiya

Jamila is the personal stylist you’ve always wanted but never had. She’s a fashion editor that keeps her viewers updated on all the latest fashion trends, styling tips, and knowledge on the current state of the fashion industry.


Masai Russell @masairussell

Masai is a top-ranked track athlete at the University of Kentucky and uses her platform for fitness and lifestyle content by sharing workout videos and lighthearted dancing and beauty videos. She gives pro tips to people interested in becoming college athletes and shares her journey to becoming a nationally ranked hurdler. With behind the scene looks into practices, team personalities, and life as a college athlete, Masai’s page is a great space for people interested in the life of an athlete.


Melissa @melinated_mel

Melissa is a daughter of immigrants from Ghana and a recent Cornell University graduate who creates a lot of content around the immigrant child experience, specifically with African parents, through comical skits and funny storytimes. While offering helpful advice on navigating relationships and difficult expectations with immigrant parents, she inspires her viewers to embrace their independence and shows off her fulfilling young lifestyle through aesthetic vlogging.


Rykky @Ry2ky

Rykky amassed her following through hilarious storytimes of chaotic unhinged moments in her life that will leave you scrolling through her entire page. She raises awareness around fatphobia by sharing her journey in a relatable way and shows off her amazing personality with fun dances and get ready with me videos.


Whitney Madueke @whitneymadueke

If you’re looking for your next favorite beauty guru, Whitney is your girl. Whitney’s platform highlights her beauty sensibilities with helpful makeup and skincare tutorials, and she’s not in the business of gatekeeping! She will put you on to all the best new and tried and true products to utilize and show you how to get the perfect look.


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