8 Netflix Originals Coming In August 2022!

Dramas, documentaries, comedies, and more are coming to Netflix! Check out these originals for your August 2022 watch list.

Day Shift

Coming to Netflix on Aug. 12, Jamie Foxx plays a hard-working dad who wants to subsidize income to support his daughter. To say he picks up an odd job would be an understatement. He joins up with characters played by James Franco and Snoop Dogg to hunt vampires and bring home the money for his daughter.

Clusterf**k: Woodstock ‘99

Woodstock ‘99 was an attempt to hold a music festival of the same caliber as the original Woodstock in 1969. However, the festival did not deliver as promised. On Aug. 2, Netflix is releasing a mini-series with footage and testimony from the event. If you watched in horror at the festival gone wrong story of Netflix’s Fyre, be sure to check this one out.

Don’t Blame Karma!

Rom-com lovers: this one is for you! Don’t Blame Karma! is a movie about Sara, a fashion designer with ill luck. Sara needs to face up to her bad luck while struggling with keeping her business afloat, a previous crush coming back into her life, her own boyfriend, and her parents’ failing marriage. The film is coming to Netflix on Aug. 3.

The Girl In The Mirror

In this Spanish supernatural horror-mystery series, Alma, played by Mireia Oriol, survives an accident that kills many of her classmates. She wakes up with amnesia, and she tries to find out what really transpired during the accident. The series premieres on Aug. 19.

The Sandman

New to the superhero genre comes this fantasy-drama series on Aug. 5 based on a DC comic book of the same title by Neil Gaiman. A group of occultists tries to take Death, but they accidentally take his brother, Dream, played by Tom Sturridge, instead. When all dreams are gone, humans fall into chaos, until Dream escapes and tries to find his stolen objects and reclaim his identity.


Mo is a semi-biographical story created by comedian Mo Amer. Mo Najjar, a Palestinian refugee living in Houston, struggles with the combination of cultures, as well as the U.S. immigration process, in this new comedy. Mo will be on Netflix on Aug. 24.


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Me Time

If you love the comedic personalities of Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg, you need to check out Me Time on Aug. 26. Hart plays Sonny, a father, whose wife takes the family away from the weekend. Sonny reaches out to his old friend, played by Wahlberg, and the two have a crazy weekend together.


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I Came By

Fans of British mystery stories will love this London-based crime thriller film coming Aug. 31. The film follows rebellious graffiti artist Toby and his partner Jay who sprays his graffiti art inside the homes of London’s wealthiest. However, Toby breaking into the home of a former High Court judge uncovers a dangerous secret that leads him on a journey throughout the city.

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