8 Most Delicious Shows On Netflix!

We all love a good cooking show and these 8 on Netflix that will have your mouth watering!

In the spirit of the fall season, we can’t think of anything better than cuddling up in a weighted blanket, with a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and fuzzy socks, ready to binge watch everyone’s comfort TV genre: food! Here are 8 of the most mouth-watering shows on Netflix, that will for sure make you want to bake a seven tier cake.

Junior Baking Show

This British bake off features the most adorable and talented children bakers, who face multiple different baking challenges, ultimately crowning one of them the Baking Champion. The bakers make anything from croissants to cakes, and the level of technical skills these kids have in the kitchen makes us wish we took up baking as a child.

School of Chocolate

Featuring chocolatier Amaury Guichon, who is known for his incredible chocolate work, prepares the contestants for each challenge by flawlessly making the most insane desserts that should be featured in a museum. Who knew making art out of chocolate could be so therapeutic?


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Street Food: USA

This six episode series takes us throughout the United States to the best street food spots and hidden gems. From New York pizza to Honolulu poke bowls, this show will make you want to plan a cross country road trip and try everything.

Cooked with Cannabis

This show is for our munchies lovers. Cooked with Cannabis takes edibles to the next level, with artful cuisine infused with THC and CBD, guaranteed to get the judges stoned. With each episode featuring a different strain to focus on, this competition show is perfect for those who are both food and marijuana connoisseurs.

Nailed It!

If you haven’t seen Nailed It!, then you obviously aren’t on Netflix enough. Hosted by the hilarious Nicole Byer, the most average (and below average) bakers from around the world compete to become the champion, by recreating desserts and cakes, that probably takes professionals over 8 hours to make. The show is relatable and fun, and it makes you think that you can probably nail it better than the contestants, however, it’s always great to see the “Instagram vs Reality” comparison at the end.


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Crazy Delicious

If British Bake Off meets Willy Wonka meets fairytale land, you get the show Crazy Delicious. In this whimsical competition show, chefs have to reimagine classic foods into creative dishes, to impress the “food gods” and ultimately win the golden apple. It’s a dreamy twist to our favorite type of bake off, making us wish there really was a fairyland where you can just go forage ingredients for dinner.

Baking Impossible

Making a 40 pound cake look like a unicorn is already a difficult task, but what if it had to endure a stress test after the oven mitts come off? In Baking Impossible, chefs and engineers work together to create desserts that could withstand anything from an earthquake to a car crash, having us at the edge of our seats the entire time, almost hoping for disaster.

Is It Cake?

We have all seen those videos on TikTok of some household object that you think is real until someone with a knife cuts into it and then you’re like “oh it’s cake”. Well, Netflix decided to turn that into a competition show. Skilled bakers recreate items like burgers and sand buckets, into edible desserts. It is then up to the judges to figure out which of the items from the gallery is the cake. This show has us guessing with the judges, and being equally as stumped as they were. Is It Cake is a show you can enjoy by yourself in a binge, or with friends to see if you could figure out, is it cake?


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Whether it’s a baking competition, or a skilled chef making extreme desserts, watching people on TV make food we can’t eat is the ultimate comfort pastime. Right in time for the colder weather, we have you set for some feel-good Netflix streaming. Now kick back, relax, and ask yourself, is it cake?

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