8 Celebs Who Are Big Fans of Anime!

Have you ever wondered which celebs share your love for anime? Well, look no further because we’ve got the scoop from Keanu Reeves, Snoop Dog, and more!

From the movie Spirited Away to the show Dragon Ball Z, numerous celebrities have gushed about their love for anime! Want to see if you share a favorite anime with Samuel L. Jackson or Megan Fox? Continue reading to find out more!

Michael B. Jordan

Black Panther and Creed actor Michael B. Jordan is a big fan of Naruto; so much that he created an apparel collection with Coach inspired by the popular anime series. Michael’s love for anime is apparent in gen:LOCK, a sci-fi series which he stars in and produces. Additionally, in an interview with Highsnobiety, Michael revealed: “Anime is something that was a big piece of my childhood, my adult life, and my creativity,” and that his favorite animes to watch are Naruto:Shippuden, Dragon Ball Z, Attack on Titan, and Gundam Wing.

Megan Fox

In 2014 Megan revealed to Cosmopolitan that she would love to see her favorite anime series Sailor Moon be made into a live-action film. We think Megan would be a perfect person to cast if it ever does become a movie!

Keanu Reeves

The Matrix and John Wick star created and wrote the comic book series BRZRKR (pronounced berserker). Now he is set to star in a feature film version of the comic series, as well as voicing his character in an anime adaptation of BRZRKR. Before BRZRKR, Keanu had talked to Screen Rant about the former plan of him starring in a live-action remake of one of his favs, Cowboy Bebop. Although the project fell through, Keanu still enjoys watching his favorite anime.


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Samuel L. Jackson

When asked if he likes anime in a WIRED Autocomplete Interview, Samuel L. Jackson responded with an enthusiastic yes. He has voiced characters in numerous anime series such as Afro Samurai: Resurrection (which he also co-produced), The Boondocks, Astro Boy, and Kite.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has shown lots of love for his favorite anime series. From his Instagram posts below, we can see that some of his favorites include Hyperdimension Neptunia, Naruto, and Dragon Ball Z.


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Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has revealed her love for anime through tattoos. She sports a tattoo on the inside of her right arm of the character Chihiro Ogino from the 2001 anime film Spirited Away. The pop singer also shows her love for Pokémon with a tattoo of Eevee on her upper left arm. Both tattoos can be spotted in her Instagram post below!


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Ronda Rousey

UFC star Ronda Rousey has been outspoken about her love for Pokémon and Dragon Ball Z. She told TechnoBuffalo that her favorite Pokémon is Mew, and her ideal training partner (and cartoon crush) is Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z!

Pharrell Williams

Singer and producer Pharrell is such a big fan of anime and Japanese art that he hired Japanese artist Takashi Murakami to produce his music video for “It Girl.” Check out the artistic video below!

Do any of these celebs share a favorite anime with you? Let us know in the comments!

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