8 Celebs We Wish Would Host ‘SNL!’

Kim Kardashian hosting SNL was a pleasant surprise we wish we had more of! Here is our list of 8 celebrities we would like to see host in the future!

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Posted On: October 16th, 2021 9:29 am pst

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celebs we want to see host snl

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Saturday Night Live is known for its iconic guest hosts, featuring celebs like Michael Jordan, Scarlett Johansson, and even Kim Kardashian. We get to see these well-known names take on hilarious roles in sketches that might be a little out of their comfort zone. While some hosts have been back as many as 5 times, there are some major names we haven’t seen take on the role quite yet! Here is a list of our top ten celebrities we think should host Saturday Night Live next!

  • Mark Wahlberg

Shockingly enough, funny guy, Marky Mark has not made an appearance as a host on SNL yet! He did make a small appearance in 2008 to yell at Andy Samberg, but we need more. The 50-year-old actor has taken on plenty of comedic roles, from Ted, Daddy’s Home, and The Other Guys, so SNL should be right in his wheelhouse. Fingers crossed we will see him later this season!

  • Laura Dern

Laura Dern is the mother of acting and we would love nothing more than to see her take on hosting duties at SNL. This woman could play any role in any sketch and kill it. Although she is more well known for her dramatic roles, like Renata Klein in Big Little Lies, Dern would be perfect in a comedic role.

  • Mindy Kaling 

Can you believe that comedy queen Mindy Kaling hasn’t hosted? This is honestly a crime, and we are hoping the only reason she hasn’t hosted yet is that SNL is too scared of her comedic genius. From writing and starring on The Office and The Mindy Project to co-creating Netflix’s hit Never Have I Ever, Kaling is a big name in comedy, so having her host Saturday Night Live is a must. 

  • Ali Wong

Another comedic genius that hasn’t hosted? Ali Wong is a largely popular comedian, actress, and writer. Her Netflix special Hard Knock Wife was a hit. Hard to believe she hasn’t made an appearance on the late-night comedy show yet, but here’s to hoping she takes the stage soon. Maybe even add her to the cast?

  • Chris Evans

The last Chris standing!! Chris Evans is the only Hollywood Chris to have not yet hosted SNL, and it’s honestly a shame. Chris Evans is a serious actor, but he is also quite a funny guy in real life. We know that the second he hosts the internet will break. Just think about when Harry Styles hosted… yeah… that’s enough said!

  • Julia Roberts

RomCom icon Julia Roberts has yet to host SNL as well, which is a sad state of affairs. The Pretty Woman actress has had her fair share of comedic roles, so we know she would kill it as an SNL host. Plus, we’d love to see her parody some of her iconic characters. What do you think?

  • Niall Horan

One Direction funny guy Niall Horan is an underrated celeb on this list who should make his SNL hosting debut as soon as possible. Horan has made an appearance as a musical guest on Scarlett Johansson’s episode but has yet to take on the hosting role. Based on his comedy in the One Direction days, we know he would be a hilarious guest host, so someone call Lorne Michaels and get this man booked!

  • Stanley Tucci

Tucci Gang rise!! It is ridiculous that there is an entire sketch about Stanley Tucci on this show, a good sketch might we add, and he hasn’t hosted himself. Stanley Tucci is just one of those guys you need to have on your show, there’s no other way to explain it. We expect to see his name on that list by the end of the season. 

While there are plenty of celebs that haven’t hosted SNL, these 8 have us dying to see them immediately.

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