8 ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Couples That Left The Beach & Are Still Together!

Although there is always chaos down in paradise, there have also been great love stories formed that continued when the beach was gone. We’re taking a trip down memory lane and looking at the couples from past seasons who have proven love is possible!

Bachelor Nation has come to learn that Bachelor In Paradise has the most success when it comes to love. Although some couples have been strong since the show aired and agreed to a proposal in the finale, others who have ended their relationships on the series have found love with one another again off the franchise. Since we are already halfway through season eight of paradise, time will only tell which new couples will make the list of their love lasting past the beach. As we wait for the remainder of Season 8 couple’s fates, it’s time to take a look at couples from past seasons and see who is still staying strong!

Serena Pitt & Joe Amabile


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Serena Pitt and Joe “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile left Season 7 of paradise being only one of the three engaged couples. Amabile was no stranger to paradise since he appeared on season five and left the beach with Kendall Long. Although the two were more in love than ever, two years later in 2020 the couple split after disagreements on where to live. Amiable decided that he was going to give love another shot when returning to the beach and meeting Pitt.

On October 27th of this year, the two tied the knot officially at City Hall in New York City. As Bachelor Nation was in utter shock, it was great to hear their reasoning behind the small ceremony, “with everything being so public in our relationship, having a private moment just the two of us felt so special and intimate”. Even though they had a small private ceremony, the two have come to social media to express that they will still be having a wedding to celebrate with family and friends come next fall.

Raven Gates & Adam Gottschalk

In 2017, Gates and Gottschalk met on Season 4 of Bachelor In Paradise. As the couple headed strongly into the finale, Gottschalk chose to not get down on one knee because at the time they were living in different cities and felt they needed more time together for their relationship to grow. In 2019, the couple got engaged and had to replan their wedding three times due to the pandemic.

In April 2021 the couple officially tied the knot and had the wedding of their dreams in Dallas, TX. By January 2022 they welcomed their first child with Gates needing an emergency C-section. One of the main things that have kept Gates and Gottschalk together has been therapy. Gates said, “we have done every sort of therapy you can think of. Not because we needed it. We did it preventatively”. When it comes to any marriage, staying and fighting for love is something these two stars do best.

Ashley Ianconetti & Jared Haibon

Ashley and Jared have one of the most twisted love stories in Bachelor Nation history. The couple first met in 2015 on Season 2 in paradise. After Ianconetti had her eyes set on Haibon right when he walked down the beach, Haibon had other thoughts. After a rough night away in the fantasy suites, the two decided to not go further when the show ended. In October 2015 after the show’s ending, the two would hang out casually to the point where Haibon claimed he wanted her at a charity event.

In 2016, the pair returned to paradise for Season 3 where Haibon decided to pursue Caila Quinn which made things even more complicated between the two. When coming off of Season 3, Ashley and Jared would stay close friends. In 2018 when traveling with Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert, another Bachelor In Paradise love story, Haibon realized he still had feelings for Iaconetti and kissed her in the airport. From there on the two have been inseparable. In 2019, the two wed and in January 2022 announced the birth of their son Dawson.

The couple decided to bring their love story to the beach as they were featured on Season 8 of Bachelor In Paradise. These two have really proven to everyone in the world and to their peers that love is possible.

Dean Unglert & Caelynn Miller-Keyes

Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller had a rocky time when they were in paradise. The couple met and hit it off right away when Dean came in week two of Season 6 on the franchise. Unglert then left paradise on Miller’s birthday leaving her heartbroken by saying, “our lifestyles are not going to be compatible coming out of this. And I don’t want to give you something that isn’t going to make you happy”. During week five, Unglert returned to get Miller-Keyes back and asked if she would leave the beach with him. Miller-Keyes followed her heart and left with Unglert.

In 2019 Unglert and Miller-Keyes proved everyone wrong by Keyes following his lifestyle of living in a van. In 2020 the couple began to wear bands on their respective fingers leading many to think that the two wed in secret. By 2021 the two moved in together in their Las Vegas home. The next year Unglert popped the question to Miller-Keyes with the two just recently becoming engaged! The two will both be changing their last names when they wed to Bells; which happens to be Unglert’s mother’s maiden name.

All of Bachelor Nation will be waiting in anticipation for these two to wed!

Becca Kufrin & Thomas Jacobs


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Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs met during Season 7 of Bachelor In Paradise. Although the two met in paradise, Jacobs entered the beach during week two while Kufrin came during week three. Although the two had chemistry throughout the remainder of the season, Kufrin broke off the relationship during the season finale.

In October 2021, the couple took to Instagram to express how in love the two were after the show. In May 2022 Kufrin pulled a Sadie Hawkins move, but instead of going to a dance proposed to Jacobs! Last month Jacobs got down on one knee and popped the question back to Kufrin.

Jade Roper & Tanner Tolbert


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Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert’s love story began on Season 2 of Bachelor In Paradise and the two became one of Bachelor Nation’s favorite couples throughout the franchise. Tolbert got down on one knee during the finale and the two have been more solid than ever.

In 2016, less than a year later the two wed with Chris Harrison officiating, and their ceremony which was broadcasted on ABC as a Valentine’s Day special. Although the pair bought a home in Kansas City, they soon moved to California where they started their family. The next year they would have their first child Emma. In 2019, their second child Brooks was born in the closet of their own home. Less than a year later the couple was going on to their third child.

The Tolberts are more in love than ever and have been more busy having three young kids around!

Hannah Godwin & Dylan Barbour


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Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour appeared on Season 6 of Bachelor In Paradise with their relationship having a weird start. Godwin first showed interest in Blake Horstmann, who even flew to her hometown to see her a week before Paradise began filming. Godwin later sparked a connection with Barbour but ended up kissing Horstmann multiple times in front of him.

At the end of the day, Godwin ended up choosing Barbour leaving paradise engaged. The couple began their relationship long-distance, but then found themselves unexpectedly living together amid the coronavirus quarantine.

After moving in together in San Diego, all of Bachelor Nation has been waiting for this couple’s romantic day since they have been engaged since the season 6 finale’s airing. As the two are taking their time with their engagement, the pair revealed that they were eyeing a spring 2023 wedding date.

Kenney Braasch & Mari Pepin


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Kenney Braasch and Mari Pepin were another one of the three couples that got engaged at the end of Season 7 in 2021. The couple hit it off on the beach right away but had a hiccup during week three when Pepin made it a point that maybe they should start seeing other potential connections. Although they hit this rough patch, the two came back together once again and ended on a high note… or so we all thought.

Days after the airing of the finale word broke that the couple had some rough patches and faced a temporary split. The couple came back together and talked about wedding plans by deciding to have the ceremony in Puerto Rico. They have since moved in together at the start of 2022 by Pepin leaving Maryland and moving to Chicago.

In July 2022 the couple took to Instagram to prank their friends that they were adding a special someone to the family. Although many thought Pepin had a bun in the oven, the two adopted another dog together fooling everyone!

As relationships come and go within the Bachelor franchise, there are some who find love and leave paradise together hand in hand. Stay tuned for this season to see who is going to end up walking away together by the finale! Bachelor In Paradise airs Monday and Tuesday nights streaming the next day on Hulu.

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