7 Women-Led Movies to Stream on Netflix!

In honor of Women’s History Month, we are providing you with 7 movies to watch that are led by some powerhouse female actresses. You can stream these movies on Netflix and honor the amazing female actresses in the industry!

Mr. Right

Starring Anna Kendrick, this 2016 movie is about Martha, who has a manic episode after her breakup. She meets Francis, played by Sam Rockwell, and immediately believes that they are the same amount of crazy, which makes them perfect for each other until she starts to find out who he really is–a professional hitman.

Kendrick was nominated for a Teen Choice Award in 2016 for Choice Movie Actress in a Comedy, and the film itself was nominated for Choice Movie for Comedy. If you are looking for a great rom-com to watch this month or whenever you need a good laugh, add this movie to your watch list.

Malcolm & Marie

Zendaya stars in this film alongside John David Washington, playing the titular characters Marie and Malcolm. The story begins with Malcolm and Marie returning home after having just attended Malcolm’s movie premiere. Marie is upset because, in Malcolm’s thank-you speech, she was left out. Malcolm’s response is that he always thanks her, and she is just making a big deal out of nothing. This is the beginning of a fight that will last from the moment they enter the house to the moment they lay down in bed.

Zendaya was nominated in 2021 for a Black Reel Award for Outstanding Actress, as well as Outstanding Breakthrough Performance by a female. She was nominated for Best Actress in 2021 at the Critics Choice Awards and was also nominated for Best Performance in a Movie and won the Virtuoso Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

If you’re looking for a great Zendaya movie to watch, push this onto the top of your list.

She’s Gotta Have It

Starring Tracy Camilla Johns as Nola Darling, this movie is about our beautiful leading lady who cannot decide what kind of person she wants to date, so she finds a solution to her problem and begins dating three men at the same time. Spike Lee is a nerd with a heart of gold, Tommy Redmond Hicks plays the overprotective alpha male, and John Canada Terrel is the rich, handsome narcissist. Even after going through this trouble of dating, dear Nola cannot make up her mind.

In 1987, Tracy Camila Johns was nominated for a Film Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead. If you’re interested, there is also a TV series of the same name also on Netflix that is based on the 1986 film that premiered in 2017. Here is another rom-com to add to your binge list this month.


Willowdean, played by Danielle MacDonald, is the plus-size daughter of a former beauty queen, Rosie Dickinson, played by Jennifer Aniston. Willowdean signs up for the Miss Teen Bluebonnet pageant as a rebellion against her mother, who is running this pageant. Her actions allow others in the town to follow in Willowdean’s footsteps after their awakening. She beings to discover her insecurities about her appearance after having trouble believing that a handsome, popular boy at school likes her, played by Luke Benward.

The movie is based on the book by Julie Murphy, titled the same as the movie. She actually made a cameo at the very end. Jennifer Aniston was nominated for Best Supporting Actress – International Competition award at the 2020 CinEuphoria Awards. If you’re looking for a comedic drama, look no further; Netflix has you covered.

The Unforgivable

Sandra Bullock slays her performance as Ruth Slater. Ruth has just completed her 20-year sentence for acts of violent crimes. After re-entering society, she is quick to learn that people have not forgiven her for what she has done. No matter what life throws at her, she is determined to continue living her life with her long-lost sister.

Bullock was nominated for Best Actress at the 2022 AARP Movies for Grownups Awards. She was also nominated for Most Daring Performance at the 2022 Alliance of Women Film Journalists. She was the winner of the Best Actress – International Competition in 2022 at the CinEuphoria Awards. She was also the winner of the Courage in Acting Award, as well as the winner of Best Female Action Hero at the 2021 Women Film Critics Circle Awards.


This 2019 film stars Angela Basset as Carol Walker, Patricia Arquette as Gillian Lieberman, and Felicity Huffman as Helen Halston. The film is about a friend group of mothers who make plans to visit their sons in the city to confront them about why they are ignoring their mothers, especially on Mother’s Day.

After visiting their sons in the city, they begin heading down their very own journey of rediscovery that pushes them to look at the relationships in their lives differently. The leading ladies are also credited as producers of the film. If you want to watch a feel-good movie about friendships and confrontations, log in to Netflix and let this movie entertain you for an hour and 40 minutes.

Lost Girls

Amy Ryan plays a single mother in New York who is working multiple jobs to support her daughters. One day Amy’s oldest daughter, Shannan, decides she wants to come over for family dinner, but she never shows up. After a few days of no contact, Amy grows worried about the whereabouts of her daughter. The police are no help to her, which leads Amy to go on her own investigation to find her daughter.

This film is based on the true stories of Shannan Gilbert and other young adult women as documented in the book Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery. If you are a true crime junkie and you haven’t added this to your watch list, add that to your to-do for the day.

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