7 Scenes From The Office We Will Never Forget!

Jim Halpert, Michael Scott, and more of the Dunder Mifflin gang have created lasting impacts on all The Office fans. Here are some of the beloved scenes we will keep with us forever! 

There were many moments throughout the history of The Office that were unforgettable, inspiring, and hilarious! The comedy and jokes on that show are still relevant in pop culture and daily conversations today! Although it was hard, we picked a few moments that we believe are the most iconic. Anyone who’s watched the entire 9 seasons will be able to immediately recall these noteworthy hijinks. No matter how hard you try, you can’t erase these 7 moments from your mind.

Pam Beesly’s Epic Coal Walk On The Beach

First, we have Pam’s confession to Jim Halpert about her feelings. However this was no ordinary admitting to your crush that you like them. It had taken years from Pam to work up her courage to tell Jim she wanted to be more than friends. This moment is iconic for many reasons. Pam’s honesty and assertiveness took everyone, especially Jim, by surprise! Not to mention, Pam bared her soul in front of the entire office while on a beach trip! Also, a major power move, Pam walks across burning coals that no one else was able to muster the strength to get through. It’s the first time Pam’s character really speaks her mind and spews her words with confidence. The coal walk is a turning point for her character and insanely inspiring for the rest of us eagerly watching the scene unfold on our screens. For more iconic Pam Beesly moments, watch below!


Michael Driving Into a Lake

One of the hands down funniest and irreplaceable scenes is when Michael Scott drove himself and Dwight Schrute into a lake. We all know technology isn’t always the most reliable, well, mixing technology with Michael Scott isn’t at least. After Michael’s plan to prolong Dunder Mifflin’s technological advancements deteriorates, Michael drives his car straight into a lake. When you’re watching this part of this episode, keep in mind that you will be laughing uncontrollably! This moment perfectly sums up Michael Scott in a nutshell and the hijinks that he gets himself into. Michael’s character will never be able to live this incident down, and us fans are never going to forget it!

Erin Meeting Her Parents

As we come to know and love Erin Hannon, who takes over Pam’s secretary role later in the show, the viewers are drawn into her story of being through the foster care system and her desperate search for a parental figure. One of the most heartwarming moments in the show is when Erin meets both of her parents after the documentary on Dunder Mifflin airs. It was such an important moment in the show to express how a regular old paper supply company could reunite families. You might need to grab some tissues for this one!

Jim and Pam Sneaking Away To The Roof

Another epic The Office moment comes from the time when Jim and Pam sneak away together with homemade grilled cheeses to watch the fireworks, for an office party, up on the roof. This scene solidified that this couple was going to happen one way or another at some point in the show. There was just no way a scene could be filled with so much love and lightheartedness for them not to end up together. We will ship Jim and Pam forever!

Kevin Spilling His Chili

One of the arguably most well known scenes from The Office is Kevin spilling his homemade chili. Listening to the time and effort Kevin put into making his special chili while watching him pour it onto the Dunder Mifflin floor is one of those unique events where you cringe and don’t want to keep watching but yet you can’t look away. We’re always rooting for Kevin and you can’t help but want the best for him!

Michael’s Proposal To Holly Using a Yoda Voice

One of the absolute most monumental moments in the series is Michael’s proposal to Holly Flax. It is such a sweet, wholesome, lovable moment, and it might even make you tear up. What’s better than a proposal with all your coworkers holding candles and kneeling in an office where the sprinklers go off? Well, when you consider that place home and those people family, The Office fans know that there isn’t anything better

Dwight’s Impromptu Fire Drill

And finally, to end our list with an absolute iconic core memory from The Office is Dwight’s unforgettable fire safety test. Dwight’s fire drill leaves fans laughing for days even after they’ve watched the episode. Between Angela’s cat falling through the ceiling, Kevin sprinting to the vending machine, and Michael throwing chairs at the window, the mayhem perfectly captures each of the character’s flight or fight responses. This scene caused so much laughter from us viewers and so much chaos for the characters that you can’t help but have this scene imprinted in your brain forever.

There are of course countless more moments from this show that will make you ugly laugh and cry, maybe even at the same time, but we hope you enjoyed these ones just as much as we do. We’re sure after reminiscing over these memorable scenes that you’ll want to go back and binge watch the series about your favorite paper supply company. You can stream now The Office on Peacock and Prime Video.

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