7 Rare Beauty Products We Love!

Take a look as we delve into some of our favorite Rare Beauty products and see what we hope to see from Selena Gomez’s brand in the future!

#1: Bronzer Stick

This bronzer stick is absolutely perfect for contour. It’s subtle and blends so effortlessly, it’s perfect for a natural, daily look, or for a night out!

#2: Liquid Blush

This one is so popular how could we not include it on the list? This liquid blush has so many different shades that look perfect for different looks. We like to wear the Bliss shade for a soft, summer look and Encourage for the nighttime. This blush has lasted us such a long time, but we do warn you that a little drop goes a long way!

#3: Lip oil

This new lip oil that Rare Beauty just released is amazing! Its subtlety is absolutely perfect. If you’re looking for a new lip routine that is effortless and discrete, we highly recommend this one!

#4: Foundation Brush

If you’re like us and you don’t always love using a beauty blender to apply your foundation, you might like this brush. It’s easy to use and not too bulky, and we’ve blended all different brands of foundation easily with it!

#5: Eye Brightener

This product is perfect for those of you who like a glowy look to your makeup routine. It adds just the right amount under your eye and looks so much more natural and lighter than concealer.

#6: Brow Shape & Fill Duo

This brow kit is perfect if you’re not used to filling in brows or if you’re new to it! It’s easy to use, comes with a brush, and each kit comes in two different shades for you!

#7: Liquid Eyeshadow

One thing about Rare Beauty, they love their liquid products. We were skeptical of this product at first, but quickly changed our minds when we tested out this product. It blends so easily and gently and has a beautiful matte finish just as any powdered eyeshadow would. You also don’t have to worry about powder falling on your lashes or below your eyes when you use this liquid shadow!

Products We’d Love to See!

#1: A Bigger Eyeshadow Palette

We love all of the shades that Rare has to offer, but how great would it be if that had one big palette with multiple shades!

#2: More Mascara Brushes

We love Rare products, but when it comes to mascara brushes, we all tend to be a little picky. We’d love to see multiple types of brushes for all different kinds of lashes!

#3: Skincare Products

Rare makes great affordable products, and we’d love to see them hit the skincare world!

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