7 of Justin Timberlake’s Best Songs to Celebrate Birthday

JT is known for his smooth dance moves and unforgettable songs, so we’ve created a list of his seven best songs of all time to bump on your stereo to help celebrate his existence!

“Cry Me A River”

If you ever wondered why you cried while singing this song it’s because he wrote it after him and Brittney Spears broke up!

“Suit and Tie”

This music video alone had many super fans going crazy back in the day! Do you remember the night he performed it on Saturday Night Live?

“Sexy Back”

If TikTok was around in 2006, this song would already have a challenge tagged to it! Which version is your favorite?

“Love Never Felt So Good”

This song is very iconic because the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was on the song too.

“Man of the Woods”

He made sure his Jessica Biel was his leading lady in his music video. Plus, it’s her first music video appearance with her hubby!

“What Goes Around…Comes Around”

This song is still the key to life, because karma will make its way back around!

“Until the End of Time (Duet with Beyonce)”

Now, you didn’t think we would end the list without putting this song on it did you?

What’s your favorite song from Justin Timberlake? Let us know in the comments below! If you love this article, make sure to share it with a friend!

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