6 Things You Need To Know About Music Artist Claire Rosinkranz!

From her song “Backyard Boy” to her tour, here are 6 things that you should know about Gen-Z singer and songwriter Claire Rosinkranz.

Claire Rosinkranz is rising to fame! A handful of the Gen-Z singer and songwriter’s songs have gone viral on TikTok, but not a lot of people know who the artist is behind the music. Don’t worry though, because we have you covered. Here are 6 things that you should know about Claire!

She Is Only 18 Years Old

The Gen-Z music artist was born on January 2, 2004, and has already released an EP and is signed with Republic Records. That’s pretty impressive if you ask us! As she is only 18 and has already seen a lot of success in her music, we’re sure that there is still so much to look for from Claire in the future.


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She Writes All Of Her Own Songs

Claire began writing her own lyrics and songs when she was 8. Since then, she has continued to create songs that have resounded with her audience. If you take a listen to her songs, you’d agree that the singer songwriter is definitely talented!

Her Dad Helps Her Record Her Music

Claire’s father is also a musician, and the two work together to produce her music. Claire has shared that she takes her song ideas to her dad, who then collaborates with the singer to create the tracks we know and love.


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Her Song “Backyard Boy” Blew Up On TikTok

Claire has shared many of her songs on TikTok, but it was her song “Backyard Boy” that went viral. On June 9th of 2020, she released her EP and fans loved her music. But they especially loved “Backyard Boy,” and the song has been used in 2 million videos on TikTok currently.

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All Of Her Family Supports Her Music

As we’ve already shared, Claire’s father is an integral part of her creative process. However, Claire has also included all of her family in her music. When it came time to film a music video for “Backyard Boy,” Claire asked her family to be involved. Her uncle was the director, her cousin first AD, and close family members starred alongside the musician.

She Is Currently On Tour

Claire is currently in the middle of her tour! At the end of February, she performed her first show in Washington and has been traveling to different cities around the United States and Canada since then. She has a few more shows this month before she plays her last show in Phoenix.


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We can’t wait to see what this amazing musician does with her career next!

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