6 Phrases From ‘Bridgerton’ That We Need To Bring Back!

Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’ is full of fun old-timey lingo that we love so much we want to use it in our day to day life. Here are 6 words and phrases from ‘Bridgerton’ that we absolutely need to bring back!

We all know Bridgerton has some of the best looks, but it also has amazing lingo! The second half of one of Netflix’s most anticipated originals has now dropped and Bridgerton season 3 has everybody picking up the old-timey phrases that make up so much of Bridgerton’s unique world. But which ones especially caught your eye? Here is some Bridgerton lingo that we need to bring back!


A “facer” is just a fancy way for the royalty in Bridgerton to say “punched in the face”, but who’s to say we can’t make punches in the face seem fancy in 2024 too. Your friend got punched at the bar on a night out? No they didnt. That was a “facer”. Two guys beating each other up in the middle of the street?? Nope. They both got handed a couple “facers”.

The “ton”

The “ton” refers most simply to the British high society in Bridgerton, basically all those fancy dukes and duchesses that make up the show itself. Since most of us aren’t having daily run-ins with British high society the “ton” could be used to describe those friends who think they are just a little bit better than everybody, or even yourself when you’re feeling particularly fancy. Mostly the “ton” could be a fun phrase used for anybody feeling a little high and mighty.


Courses in Bridgerton mean getting your period. In place of getting visited by aunt flo you might overhear a Bridgerton royalty saying they’re on their “courses”. For us, “courses” could be your friend groups new way of getting each other in on their reproductive systems state that week, while nobody else around is any the wiser.


Snuff might seem like the next super fancy drug all the royals of Bridgerton are using and abusing, but when it comes down to it, snuff was just a kind of tobacco that didn’t need to be smoked for use. Nobody uses snuff anymore these days, but everybody has at least one friend who keeps track of their vape better than their wallet. Refer to a vape as “snuff” once and you’re guaranteed to have all your friends hooked.

A “rake”

A “rake” in Bridgerton is a man engaging in immoral behaviors such as womanizing, drinking, cheating, stealing, you name it! Safe to say that we all know a couple “rakes” ourselves. You could use “rake” to refer to that guy who hasn’t been treating your best friend the way she deserves, or to call your guy friend out for acting like a “rake” as a way to tell him to tone it down.

The Marital Act

In Bridgerton the Marital Act is just sex, but if you use it nowadays around your friends and you can turn any regular gossip sesh into the next royal gab. Who doesn’t like a way to make sex sound more royal?

Hopefully these words and phrases have inspired you to not only bring back old-timey lingo like that we hear in Bridgerton, but also get creative with the shows you watch and make them a part of your everyday life. Why not?!

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