6 Movies To Watch After Seeing ‘Nope’!

Jordan Peele’s latest film Nope just premiered in theaters and fans are loving it! If you are one of them here are 6 other films including HustlersBlack Panther, & more to check out. 

During its opening weekend in theaters, fans loved Jordan Peele’s newest film, Nope. The film is truly not like anything we have seen from Peele or any other directors. If you enjoyed Nope and are looking for more, check out these 6 films that feature the talent of Keke Palmer, Daniel Kayuula and Jordan Peele.

If You Loved Keke Palmer:

Keke Palmer absolutely killed her role as Emerald! Despite the seriousness and darkness of Nope, “Em” always brought a brightness throughout it all. If you are looking for more of that vibrancy. Check out these films featuring Keke Palmer!

Hustlers (2019)

You can stream on hulu!

Pimp (2018)

you can stream Pimp on Showtime!

If You Loved Jordan Peele’s Direction/Production

If this is your first Jordan Peele film, you need to see Get Out and Us. Peele specializes in Horror Noire aka Black Horror and has redefined horror films for many as he sheds light on the complicated history of Black horror. For more about Black horror, you can check out the documentary Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror available with a premium subscription to Shudder on Prime Video and the Roku Channel. In Nope you begin to see his introduction of Black joy, something we hope to see more of in his films. For as dark as the film can be at times, he found room for humor and even a few smiles while getting through it all.

Get Out (2017)


Us (2018)

You can rent both films on Youtube, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, and more!

If You Loved Daniel Kayuula:

Daniel Kaluuya has been in multiple Jordan Peele films. Peele has even said he is his “favorite actor in the world.” Their partnership over the years has been awesome to watch grow. While these two film recommendations are not Jordan Peele’s, Kaluuya has an outstanding performance in both. 

Judas and The Black Messiah (2020)


You can stream this film on HBO Max!

Black Panther (2017)

You can stream Black Panther on Disney+!

Hopefully, these films provide what you are looking for post-watching Nope and we’re excited to see what is up next for these 3 individuals in the film industry!

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