6 Most Gruesome Kills in ‘Scream VI’!

Scream VI may be the goriest and scariest of the franchise. Here is the cream of the crop when it comes to its kills, from Ghostface or otherwise.

Scream VI is an incredible addition to the Scream franchise, from its main ensemble to the iconic chase scenes. It’s also one of the goriest installments and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Here are the 6 most gruesome kills from the film ranked!

6. The Bodega

Ghostface really brought out the big guns for this one. We think Sam and Tara would be safe in a public store, but Ghostface defies our expectations by suddenly murdering all the patrons in order to get to our leading ladies. A bystander is finally smart and tries to blow him away with a shotgun, only for the killer to get the best of him and use the gun to hunt down Sam and Tara like animals.

I had my hand over my mouth, thinking if I breathed too hard, the Carpenters would get caught. In true Ghostface fashion, the killer disappears when the cops show up. Add on his decades-old mask that we learn once belonged to Billy Loomis’ and you’ve got yourself a force to be reckoned with.

5. Laura

Samara Weaving takes up the mantle of the famous actress who gets killed in the first 10 minutes, and I’m here for it. The Radio Silence veteran spoke in her Australian accent for this role and played right into the hands of the slasher killers she lectures on as a film professor.

Weaving’s banshee scream nearly drowns out the sound of Ghostface stabbing her over and over as she trips on her date night heels. Her blood splattering across the mask in a final slash before a title card that doesn’t come is a great end to her short runtime and kicks off a subversive introduction to the film.

4. Ethan

Even though Mindy correctly guessed his culpability, Ethan’s reveal as Ghostface was still gasp-worthy. It’s always the obvious killers who are the most surprising!

Sam thematically dropping Tara onto Ethan’s head so she can end his life was a great, ironic wrap-up to the sisters’ storyline about trust and moving past trauma. Tara’s final declaration that Ethan is dying a virgin before literally sticking it to him with a knife was absolutely iconic. When he inevitably comes back for one last scare, Kirby crushes his head with the smashed TV that “killed” Stu Macher. He’s really following in his predecessor’s footsteps.

3. Wannabe Ghostfaces

The opening to Scream VI rivals all its predecessors in its unpredictability and creativity. The collective “Huh?” at Ghostface removing his mask and talking openly to who he thinks is his partner-in-crime was palpable.

I’m not gonna lie; that Scream shrine and horror film obsession was a little too relatable (although I promise I haven’t killed any film teachers). The college apartment was a perfect setting to cap off the opening in the background of the world’s scariest game of hot-and-cold. As soon as Tony Revolori rounds the corner in the kitchen and sees the fridge, the audience collectively cringes in anticipation. His partner’s hacked up body stuffed in the fridge and the iconic and hilarious “Who gives a f*ck about movies?” from the real killer were the cherries on top! My whole theater cheered, as they should.

2. Detective Bailey

Detective Bailey’s demise is a fantastic way to cap off the movie. Sam embraces her Loomis heritage once again and dons the Ghostface mask to take down the last killer standing, just like Sidney did in the first film! She stabs him dozens of times with an understandable ferocity before ending the rampage with a disgusting stab through the eye.

Dermot Mulroney played a great double crosser. In a parallel to Scream 2, the mastermind behind the killings is an unhinged parent looking for revenge on the final girl. Great job putting together a Scream fan’s dream collection, Dad!

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1. Anika

All I have to say is, how could you, Ghostface?! Anika’s death had me in shambles and concluded the greatest chase scene in the movie (in my opinion).

In the wake of what we think is Quinn’s death, Ghostface chases our team into the bathroom, where the only escape is to essentially tightrope walk across an alley to another apartment. Ghostface’s cruelty and pitch black humor are in full force as he shakes and thumps the ladder Anika crawls across (while bleeding out, no less). Her screams of terror and desperation broke every heart in the theater as she was finally bucked off, landing several stories below with a sickening thud and broken skull.

Devyn Nekoda’s performance superbly sells the unthinkable terror of being at the fingertips of death in every inch of this scene. Needless to say, I have never felt this tense during a Scream movie.

Although she luckily survived, I want to give a huge honorable mention to the Halloween subway scene. In an interview with Dead Meat, Radio Silence said they didn’t expect to get the legal rights to use so many iconic horror characters during this scene, but when they got the go ahead, they went all out. It’s only fair that in the scene where Mindy, the meta-horror analyzer (and my favorite character from the film), is in danger, she is surrounded by dozens of the biggest faces in horror (including several red herring Ghostfaces). I would kill to be an extra in this sequence!

Scream VI is a fresh spin on a solid franchise. It’s easily my favorite next to the original, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Scream VII!

You can watch Scream VI only in theaters now!

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