6 Hilarious ‘SNL’ Sketches from ‘Five-Timers Club’ Hosts!

Wondering what SNL’s ‘Five-Timers Club’ is and who is a part of it? We can explain – and show their best skits!

The Saturday Night Live (SNL) Five-Timers Club is an exclusive club whose members have hosted SNL at least five times. The first time the Five-Timers Club was introduced was by host Tom Hanks in 1990 during his episode monologue. Following the monologue was a sketch including Hanks and a few other members of the newly introduced club: Steve Martin, Elliot Gould, and Paul Simon.

Since the club’s introduction in 1990, there have been numerous mentions and skits about it on the show. All of the members of the Five-Timers Club are considered true SNL icons, which makes it difficult to choose which are our favorites. Nevertheless, we’ve rounded up a list below of 6 hilarious sketches from Five-Timers Club hosts!

Tom Hanks in “Haunted Elevator (ft. David S. Pumpkins)”

Tom Hanks has made David S. Pumpkins a popular character amongst SNL fans! In fact, the 2016 sketch became so viral that it has received over 22 million views on SNL’s Youtube. Check it out below!

Tina Fey in “Girls Meet Blerta”

“Girls Meet Blerta” is SNL’s take on a parody promo for the 2012 HBO comedy series Girls. Tina Fey’s (A.K.A. the Queen of Comedy) character in this sketch makes it that much funnier!

Will Ferrell in “More Cowbell”

In the “More Cowbell” sketch, Ferrell plays Gene Frenkel, a cowbell player for the 70’s Blue Oyster Cult band. Ferrell’s energy is unmatchable in this sketch!

Dwayne Johnson in “New Disney Movie”

SNL’s take on Bambi is no laughing matter (er – maybe a little)! Johnson takes the stage as main character Bambi in this live-action remake of the beloved Disney children’s film.

Candice Bergen in “Extremely Stupid”

Sometimes the most hilarious sketches are the ones where the actors have to break character because it’s so funny. The 1990 sketch “Extremely Stupid” is a perfect example of this, because talented Bergen turned out to be “extremely stupid” herself during the sketch. Take a look to see what we mean!

Scarlett Johansson in “The Millionaire Matchmaker”

Johansson’s membership in the Five-Timers Club shows that her comedic skills are just as amazing as her dramatic acting skills. Take a look below for one of her funniest sketches as a reality show matchmaker!

If the Five-Timers Club really does have perfect weather and a nice pool like members have mentioned, then we want in! What other celebrities are you hoping to see join the Five-Timers Club in the future?

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