5SOS Fans’ Dream Setlist for the Upcoming World Tour!

With an announcement for a world tour released on Thursday, fans on Twitter have been buzzing about songs they need to hear when they see 5 Seconds Of Summer live!

5 Seconds of Summer surprised fans with a world tour announcement this week, so soon after their Take My Hand tour last year. With the setlist unreleased and the first shows in July, fans on Twitter are talking about the songs they want to see performed on The 5 Seconds of Summer Show World Tour 2023.


Fans got a taste of 5SOS5 on the Take My Hand Tour last summer with songs like “COMPLETE MESS” and “Take My Hand.” This year, they’re hoping other songs like “Bleach” get playtime with its ethereal intro and gripping vocals.

The beautiful harmonies in “Moodswings” are part of the reason why fans need to hear it on tour. Because this is the first tour following the release of 5SOS5, fans are really hoping the newer songs that have yet to be played live get their chance to shine.

“Emotions” is another song fans are hoping to hear from the newest album, with the slower intro that bleeds into the incredible climax of the song.


“No Shame” opened their Take My Hand tour last year after their canceled No Shame Tour in 2020, and fans are hoping it makes a comeback on this year’s setlist with its bouncy tune and gritty lyrics.

Fans loved hearing “Red Desert” on previous 5SOS tours and are hoping it makes a comeback on the newest set list, even if means the concert ends up being Eras Tour along with three hours of music.


The guitar intro for “More” and the accompanying flashing lights is an experience fans who have been to previous concerts are familiar with.

“If Walls Could Talk” is another 5SOS setlist staple that fans love to sing their hearts out to and are hoping they get to hear live again this summer.

There is no song more fitting to be on the 5SOS setlist than “Empty Wallets,” and fans are really hoping it gets played on this upcoming tour as it hasn’t been on any of their previous set lists.

Sounds Good Feels Good

“Jet Black Heart” is another song that frequently gets play time at concerts that fans are hoping they continue to hear whenever 5SOS goes on tour. With more of the grunge sound that fans originally fell in love with the band for, fans love singing along to “Jet Black Heart.”

“Outer Space / Carry On” has also never appeared on any of their previous set lists, and fans wish they could get the two-in-one special this song is.

She Looks So Perfect

“Disconnected” is an oldie but goodie song that was on previous 5SOS tour setlists like their Stars, Stripes, and Maple Syrup Tour and their There’s No Place Like Home Tour, and the Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour. Fans are hoping it makes a comeback this year with their world tour.

The song that made them famous, “She Looks So Perfect,” is a nostalgic one fans love to sing along to on tour. Fingers crossed, it’s a part of this upcoming tour too.

General ticket sales for the Europe and US dates for the 5 Seconds of Summer Show World Tour 2023 will start next Friday, April 14, at 10 AM. Dates for South America are still being worked out, with a later ticket sale being planned. On the same day, The Feeling of Falling Upwards – Live from The Royal Albert Hall will be available on streaming services.

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