5 Ways to Celebrate Reese Witherspoon on Her Birthday!

 In honor of her birthday, let’s discuss five ways to celebrate the iconic actress, producer, and businesswoman, Reese Witherspoon!

It is only fitting that Reese Witherspoon’s birthday is during Women’s History Month. Whether you know her as Elle Woods, Madeline Mackenzie, June Carter Cash, or Bradley Jackson, she is an OG when it comes to empowering women on and off the screen. In honor of her birthday, let’s discuss five ways to celebrate Reese Witherspoon!

Shop Her Clothing Line, Draper James

Draper James is a clothing line started by Witherspoon in 2015. The name Draper James is inspired by her grandparents Dorothea Draper and William James Witherspoon. The clothing is a classic American style with a hint of southern roots, paying tribute to her upbringing. The first in-person store was opened in her hometown Nashville, Tennessee, and has expanded to locations in Texas, Kentucky, and Georgia.


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Listen To The Hello Sunshine Podcasts

In 2016, Witherspoon founded Hello Sunshine, a media company that is the parent of her production company Pacific Standard. Within Hello Sunshine, there are three podcasts whose purpose is to tell women’s stories. First, My Best Break-Up aired in 2018 as a funny, light-hearted podcast that describes a different guest’s break-up story each week and how it affected them. Next, How It Is aired in 2018, giving women a space to tell their stories and share the hard truths learned along the way. Some guests include Jameela Jamil, Gabrielle Union, and Phoebe Robinson. Lastly, And Especially You aired in 2019 and heard stories from the Hello Sunshine x Together Live Tour.

Join Reese’s Book Club

If you know anything about Reese Witherspoon is that she loves to read and gets a lot of her producing inspiration from authors. In 2017, she started Reese’s Book Club, where she picks a book each month featuring a woman at the center of the storyline. She then has online discussions with the author for readers to tune in. Reese’s Book Club has evolved into a community, now having a mobile app, newsletter, and custom reading boxes.


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Watch Her Shows

From 2017 until the end of 2021, Witherspoon was on a roll when it came to starring and producing quality television. All of which have star-studded casts and collaborations. She first starred in the HBO Max series Big Little Lies along with Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, Zoë Kravitz, and Meryl Streep. She then starred in the Apple TV+ series The Morning Show along with Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell. Lastly, in 2020 she starred in Hulu’s Little Fires Everywhere along with Kerry Washington. All of these shows highlight the stories of strong, complex, interesting women.


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Watch Her Films

While Witherspoon has accomplished so much throughout her career in many different areas, we cannot forget about the films that made her a household name. First up, Legally Blonde premiered in 2001 and the icon Elle Woods forever became a household name, making us all think Harvard Law was a piece of cake. The next year, Witherspoon starred in Sweet Home Alabama along with Josh Lucas and Patrick Dempsey, giving us Melanie Carmichael and her timeless looks. In 2005, Witherspoon starred as June Carter Cash in the Johnny Cash autobiography inspired, Walk the Line, where she won the Academy Award for Best Actress. All of these films are a huge aspect of the start of Witherspoon’s career and definitely deserve a watch.


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