5 Times Robert Pattinson Showed Us He Is A Star!

Robert Pattinson has shown us he is a star in many different films over the years. As proof, we’re sharing 5 moments from his iconic performances that cement his talent! 

*Spoilers For Some Films Below*

Robert Pattinson is one of the most popular actors for millennials and gen z’ers. While much of his stardom was built from his role as Edward in Twilight and Cedric in Harry Potter. Throughout the years, he has shown his range and has proven to be a star actor who can play any role. To reflect on his iconic roles over the years, here are 5 of Robert Pattinson’s best movie moments that show us he is a star!

The Batman

Robert Pattinson had some big shoes to fill when being cast as Batman. With a strong fan presence, a lot was expected of his performance, and to say the least, he delivered! The Batman is debatably one of the best movies of 2022 thus far. An unforgettable moment in the film is his entrance as Batman. With the eeriness of his boots against the water, he establishes quite the presence as the Gotham City Caped Crusader.



Robert has many unforgettable and frankly hot moments in Twilight. His role as Edward Cullen truly catapulted his career. A favorite from the first of five films is “The Crash Scene ” where he saves Bella. From his strength, to the way he looks at Bella after, the scene is intense and powerful–and he didn’t even say a word.


While Tenet was not necessarily a fan favorite, Robert’s acting in the film is undeniably fantastic. Neil is a witty and intelligent man who is rather serious yet confident. An iconic moment from this film is the bungee jumping scene where they practically fly themselves across the city and onto a building. Aside from how cool it is, it also has to be one of the most attractive things you will ever watch.

Good Time

Good Time was a film where Robert got to show off his incredible range as an actor and is one of the best performances to date. Starring New Yorker, Connie Nikas, we truly saw him embody this unique character. This was unlike any role Robert had played previously. An iconic moment in the film was Connie’s dramatic arrest. This closing scene was an absolute masterpiece.

Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire

One of Robert’s gateway acting roles was in Harry Potter as Cedric Diggory. He is so adorable and young you simply can’t get enough of it. Although he dies in the film, he does so in a heroic way, to say the least.

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