5 Things We Hope To See in Billie Eilish’s New Documentary

The teen singer-songwriter is giving fans an intimate look into her life in the upcoming documentary, The World’s A Little Blurry – here is what we hope Billie explores in her film!

In just a few weeks, Billie Eilish is releasing her highly-anticipated documentary “Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry.” On February 26th, fans will get an intimate look into the life of the Grammy award-winning teen, as we follow her journey to global stardom. A few days ago, Billie dropped the trailer for the Apple TV+ original, giving fans a glimpse of what is to come. Referring to the teaser, we can expect to learn about her life, both in and out of the recording studio or in Billie’s case, her bedroom. Here are 5 things that we hope to see in the singer’s upcoming film!

Her life before the fame

We all know Billie Eilish as an overnight pop sensation, but who was she before the fame? Not much is known about her childhood so we hope to learn more about Billie’s life before she became an international superstar.

Her music process

Billie and her brother/ music partner Finneas are known for creating music in their childhood bedroom. The trailer shows several clips of the two working in their home, leaving us hopeful that the documentary will dive further into her unique music-making process.

Her mental health journey

The singer is extremely open about her relationship with mental health and how it has affected her life. In the documentary, we hope that Billie discusses her mental health journey in greater detail and offers insight as to how she manages to stay positive during tough times.

Her family

Billie often talks about her family’s strong bond, and while we all adore her brother Finneas, we know very little about the people who raised her. We would love to learn more about her parents and their opinion on their daughter’s quick rise to fame at such an early age.

Her connection to fans

In the trailer, Billie told fans during a concert, “You guys need to be okay because you all are the reason I am okay.” It is clear that she feels a special connection with her fans, and we hope the documentary explores that relationship further.

We are so excited about the documentary’s release and cannot wait to watch it! Congratulations, Billie!

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